January 2014

Women Empowerment and the Year of “Inspiring Change”

Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2014.

Working for 32 years, the Share and Care Foundation believes that though women’s equality has made positive gains, it is still UNEQUAL.The wake of the Delhi rape incident has heightened our concern about gender issues, and the uphill battle of social and economic opportunities. It demands our focused attention and sustained action that empowers women who are facing many forms of violence, including dowry deaths, domestic violence, forced labor, rape, and abuse. As we know, these problems are not due to lack of resources, but are due to lack of their voices being heard. This needs to be addressed by developing a voice and leadership.

We want your active participation in making 2014 the year of Inspiring Change. Kindly Email Your Interest to Tejal Parekh. »

Attention All Concerned Women: Take Action

In order to accomplish our GOAL we appeal to all WOMEN—to come together, take responsibility, lead, and manage the project going nationwide. For this we are seeking 7–11 members to serve on the Inspiring Change Steering Committee: to plan, implement, and monitor the various campaigns and projects. We also will have an additional 11–15 members who will take on specific responsibilites toward awareness and marketing campaigns.

We need a call for action to end domestic abuse as well as physical and emotional violence against women and young girls. Share and Care has worked very hard since its inception to combat violence against women, and to empower them to live with dignity. We have a number of programs, including skill training for livelihood. Now our goal is to help strengthen NGOs that are working to combat violence against women that will continue to make a strong tenet of our Signature Programs. We support building a secure future for women, with our limited resources.

This Will Change Your Life

Brace yourselves, because these are real people, real challenges, and real social issues. We want to enlighten our stakeholders and compassionate audience.

Please inspire all women to join in the movement. Shweta Katti, Ekta Doshi, and hundreds more like them should get all the support and help to realize their dreams. Share and Care Foundation highlights the concept of INSPIRING CHANGE—the collective influence of many individuals. There are many invisible stories of “women behind the veil” that truly prove how YOU and Share and Care can inspire and change the world, one woman at a time. 

Galvinize Our Collective Voice

Our marketing team is making an effort to bring together all concerned women along with Share and Care Foundation members to awaken our consciousness. Spreading awareness is a good first step. First and foremost is to get into action, mobilize resources, and galvanize the voice through powerful media, with outreach to a population of over 1,000,000 people across the United States. In the meantime, we have several projects from NGOs in the pipeline to review and evaluate.

Please come forward and take charge—show your concern and use your leadership qualities to help all invisible “shaktis”—the “Women behind the Veil” as shown to us by Shreya Mehta through her art.

Yours truly,

Arun Bhansali, President
Tejal Parekh, Marketing Lead
Share and Care Foundation

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Yes, I wish to inspire change and empower women with

If we can save even ONE woman from domestic violence, ONE woman from the claws of leukemia by finding a bone marrow donor, send ONE brilliant but needy student to IIT school, motivate even ONE brilliant girl of a prostitute mother to follow her dreams to pursue graduate studies . . . we will consider our mission accomplished and our partnership campaign a good investment.