Stepping Into The Void
Nepal, Bangladesh--two places not on my radar! That is, until...
Kim Bearden called me. "Barry, I just returned from my first trip to Nepal...When my feet touched the ground, I knew God was leading me to equip youth leaders there....All I know about training youth leaders is wrapped up in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry...Will Reach Out help me?" Kim had just taken his first steps into the void.
Barry and Kim
Kim and I have worked together since 1974. A youth pastor, denominational leader,
andprofessor, now Kim disciples pastors in Colorado/Wyoming. My response to Kim's question surprised him. "Sure, come to Atlanta and let's lay out the steps to get you there." Later we spent three special days talking through the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Trainer's Kit.
Taking Steps into Nepal
Kim's Reflection: On that first Nepal trip in October 2014, what I thought was a trip to speak at churches and youth camp, God turned into a life-changing investment. Though in awe of the culture, at the camp I noticed--no training, resources, or plan. The Lord showed me, "That's why you are here--to train leaders, develop resources and provide a strategy--to equip them to become disciple-makers!" Back home that vision became action by calling Barry. We agreed: Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry needs to become the primary youth ministry leadership model in Nepal.

In Spring 2015, I returned to Nepal to begin Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry-starting in Gongabu Church in Kathmandu. Amazingly the church already had adult leaders in place, with a strong hunger for training and a vision for youth ministry. Jay Singh, above left, one of those leaders, emerged as THE leader. His passion for Jesus, teaching God's Word and youth ministry, caused Jay and I to connect. Soon he will lead Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in Nepal.

Turning Toward Bangladesh
Often Reach Out gets emails from around the world asking for help. Though heart-rending, most fall outside of our ministry scope, and so we turn them down. However, when I received this email from Palash Banergee I sensed God's leading me to explore further.
Please take our heartiest greetings from Bangladesh. We know "everybody has trouble, but not everybody has Jesus. Jesus makes the difference!" If it is God's plan for us to connect He will fulfill our desire in Bangladesh. Many ministries work here, but not a single organization specifically works with the younger generation. By God's grace I lead 10 young people. We have nothing except our labor and prayers. We want to work with you to build up our younger generation in the Word of God.
That email grabbed my heart! I put Palash in touch with Kim, and Kim landed in Bangladesh before the second trip to Nepal! With Palash we translated Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry into Bengali, and we equipped 45 energetic leaders from 8 denominations. Palash turned away 200 leaders! 

From Palash -- No words can express my gratitude, respect, and love for Reach Out. I am very glad to walk with my hungry people through your great tools. I am following all of Kim's instructions for establishing Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in Bangladesh. I believe it will be spread out to the rest of our country soon.  
Striding Toward Multiplying Ministry 
After Bangladesh, Kim traveled to Kathmandu for our third training with participants from four countries. The previously trained leaders went to the next level of implementation, and the new leaders journeyed through JFYM.

Follow the multiplying ministry:  
1st trip--Zero leaders trained
2nd trip--20 leaders trained, 200 teenagers discipled
3rd trip--45 Bangladesh leaders trained, 135 teenagers discipled;
                        22 new Nepal leaders trained, 500+ teenagers discipled
4th trip coming in October--100 trained of 200 waiting in Bangladesh;
                                   5 new Eagle Leaders* to equip 50 new leaders,
                           1,000 teenagers discipled in Nepal  
Resources translated: 9 in Nepali and 3 in Bengali  
Stepping Into the Void
Will you step with us into the void in Nepal and Bangladesh? The need is great, the ministry is powerful, the funds needed so small!

To fund the next three years = $30,000 
To fund the 2016 October training = $5,000

Because you step in, ministry can continue to multiply in Nepal and Bangladesh!

Jesus is Lord, 
Donate Now 

*Eagle Leaders implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry and then mentor others to do the same. This process multiplies Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.