Partners for Touching Africa,                                                                                                             August 2015

The overwhelming needs of teenagers and families challenge the church in Africa. Yet God is touching Africa through Reach Out's Africa team.

The two themes of overwhelming needs and rescuers to meet those needs have jumped off the pages in recent reports--from Entebbe and Kampala, Uganda, from Zanzibar, from Kisili, Kisumu and Mera, Kenya, and from Sengerema, Geita, and Chato, Tanzania. Obadiah Ogosi, who led four Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums in Zambia, describes how God is touching Africa.
Obadiah Ogosi 
65% of Zambia's population of 14 million people is young people.
Most of them are unreached with the  gospel. To do my small part to address that problem I led four Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums with 253 youth leaders attending.
51 leaders attended the first Forum. Margret, a widow with six children, thanked me profusely because at the Forum she received simple, self-teaching materials to spiritually grow her children, those in the church and young people in the village as well.
College Revival
97 attended the second Forum, hosted for a teacher's college. The youthful teachers confessed to having been raised in African tribal religions. They showed the protective gems around their necks and tattoos all over their bodies that are supposed to counter demonic forces. The college does not expose them to the simple gospel, nor give them a way to reach young people such as JFYM does. They had so many questions and couldn't let me go. The meeting went until midnight. It was so powerful as the Spirit of God moved and brought a revival in the room.
Veteran Leaders
59 leaders attended the third Forum, most of whom were second and third year attendees. They were full of testimonies about how JFYM has helped them. Shibale, a father of 7 children aged 15 - 27, lived in fear of demonic attacks and had taken his children to the witchdoctor for protection. This had not helped and he was wondering where to begin to help them change. Then he attended a JFYM Forum two years ago. It had come at the right time. It has changed their family and the youth in their church.

46 attended the fourth Forum in Lusaka, the capital. Some who attended were government officials. They confessed that they had never heard such an approach to young people before. Omtoye, a father of nine, worries because he has four grandchildren born to teen moms without a father. He had no idea about where to start to counsel his children. JFYM was timely for him. And Gloria, a teacher, has teens in school who are troubled with demons. They come to her for counseling. Before JFYM she didn't know where to begin to help them, but she has found JFYM to be the solution.

Timely Training and Solid Solutions for Lusaka Youth Leaders

Zambia needs JFYM! This is of God, and when presented God works through it. Wherever I have gone with Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry God has used it to reach thousands of leaders and young people.
- Obadiah Ogosi 

More touches from God will come through our JFYM training in the next two weeks--in Nampula, Mozambique (in Portuguese and Swahili) led by Pastor Malobo, in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo 4 Forums led by Joseph Chiteri, in Burundi 2 Forums led by Bishop Enock in the midst of civil chaos, and in Nyamira, Kenya led by Isaac Okoth and Joseph Omondi. 


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