In 2014 Reach Out had its most fruitful ministry year  

and most positive giving year ever. 

Thank you for you partnership with us!  

Partners with Reach Out for Africa,                                                                                   January 2015

Continually inspiring describes Reach Out's Africa ministry! And because of our newest added dimension the inspiration spiral continues to climb.


Eagle Leaders' Summit

In Africa Reach Out has certified 290 Eagle Leaders* who have equipped 3,700 youth leaders and communicated the Gospel with 720,000 students since 2005. Astounded by this explosive growth, Charles Juma and I determined to engage our Eagle Leaders with more in depth training to prepare them to equip more leaders for even greater multiplied influence. Catch a glimpse of what God did at our first Eagle Leaders' Summit in November 2014 from Charles Juma's pen.


Revival! That word expresses what we experienced at our 2014 Africa Eagle Leaders Summit. Inspiration, encouragement, praying, and bonding happened there. We realized how much we needed this meeting. We reflected, re-evaluated our selves and our strategies, and refined our vision. We empowered leaders who empower other leaders!   


*Eagle Leaders implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, and then mentor others to do the same. Through this process,

  Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry is multiplied.   

Charles Certifying Eagle Leaders



Our 30 invited Eagle Leaders spoke of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry with a strong sense of ownership. The responsibility for JFYM shifted from Charles to our key leaders, who enthusiastically accepted the responsibility to take JFYM to the rest of Africa. From the beginning we had set this as our goal. It will remain our goal going forward. Nothing has more power than 2 Timothy 2:1-2 in action!


Taking the Gospel to Kids

Our small band of youth loving, Christ followers by God's grace, has become a force in Africa. In God's power we are taking Africa for Christ--one community and one country at a time. Through JFYM more youth leaders get trained to reach and disciple more kids. This happens in the face of immorality, violence, and death. Convinced only the gospel of Jesus Christ will bring life change, our key leaders strengthened their intention to multiply the gospel across Africa.


Living in the Book of Acts

Tears flowed in our sessions. Rosemary told of going to Tanzania where leaders came to the JFYM Forum as though the lives of their youth depended on it. She had never seen such spiritual hunger before. Bishop Enoch, Joseph Chiteri and Obadiah Ogosi reported on trips to Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Zambia and the time all of the leaders finished reporting, we felt like we were living in the Book of Acts. God's hand had been on our missions. This left us enthusiastically inspired.


Beyond the joys, we discussed the challenges and threats, like Ebola and terrorists. Our leaders risked their lives. God protected us. We responded in spontaneous worship to God, who made it possible.


Ministry can become lonely and impossible at times. Our JFYM Africa team is no stranger to these feelings. By the end of our Summit, we realized how much we needed the Summit and each other.


We needed this to see the whole landscape of what the Lord is doing with each and all of us together. This movement has grown into something phenomenal. We have covered so much ground in such a short time. No doubt, we have a bright future for JFYM in Africa! - Mark Juma
"We needed the Summit and each other."

My first time at the Summit was the best thing I have ever experienced. God's presence came into our midst in a way I have not felt before. How great to meet all those within JFYM family and to know that we are all unified by one call, one Savior, and one mission. - Alan Ochieng 

We gathered in a circle, held hands, and sang our JFYM Africa theme song: "When He calls me, I will answer, I will be somewhere working for my Lord!" We bid each other farewell wishing each other a fruitful ministry. Beautiful!


And we thanked God for you -- our supporters. We have committed ourselves to represent our Savior and you well. The work in Africa continues. Please keep holding the rope for us! 

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For Christ and the youth of Africa,