Partners in Reach Out's Big Wins,                                                                                   October 2014

The Giants got the big win in the World Series last night. And they had plenty of big wins in October. This month Reach Out also won big!

Our OKC Team: Chris, Stan and Barry

Win #1 -- Baptists in Oklahoma City


Stan Stafford, Chris Gulley and I led a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum at Northwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. Yes, the Forum went well, but the win came because of my relationship with Stan and Chris,  how Reach Out has influenced them and how they influence others.

Watch Chris Gulley on Reach Out
"God spoke to me on how to be intentional with the students in my small group.  Before I was struggling through teaching; now I have a passion to invest in those girls and for a deeper prayer life." - Kyra Cochran

"I coach golf at a Christian school.  Today God gave me a vision for how I can invest in my students so they can impact our school.  God can use this discipleship to bring revival to our campus." - LeeAnn Fairlie

Chris and Stan have specific plans for expanding the influence of JFYM in Oklahoma in 2015.


Win #2 -- Anglicans in North America

The invitation read: "The Investiture of the New Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America". Then I read the name of the new Archbishop: Foley Beach. I smiled. Foley's first ministry experience came as a Reach Out intern. Since then we have remained friends. At the service as I listened to Foley's message I heard "the same Foley" that I knew all those years ago--clear on the Gospel and big on "reproducing through disciple-making". Afterward we hugged and he said, I caught your eye when I spoke about discipleship. I learned that going through your books. How marvelous to see such a man of God with such a huge influence in Anglican churches in Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean. Foley will use his influence to make disciples and lift up Jesus' name!


Foley Beach's Investiture Service
Win #3 -- Catholics in Dallas

Kurt Klement, my good friend, has served as youth pastor for 18 years at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Dallas.  Kurt has over 500 high school students in his youth ministry.  When we met 18 months ago, he brought 11 of his key leaders to the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum at Irving Bible Church. Quickly I recognized that we are kindred spirits.  He bought all of our books and asked me to mentor him, so he could sharpen how he trained his leaders and discipled his students.  Also he has mentored me.  I have learned so much about how God's Spirit is moving in the Catholic Church.

So I came to Dallas to speak to his youth leaders and parents, and then, together, we led a JFYM Forum for six hand-selected Catholic Parishes in the Dallas Dioceses.  What a great day with these Jesus-loving younger leaders!  And we have plans to equip more Catholic Churches in Dallas in JFYM! Kurt and I have experienced that the Holy Spirit jumps all the barriers!

Kurt (left) and Dallas Catholic Youth Leaders
Win #4 -- Eagle Leaders in Texas

After St. Ann Kurt and I gathered with 14 of Reach Out's other key leaders from across Texas. We meet together annually, and spend a day enjoying, encouraging, eating, praying and strategizing. We made plans for Reach Out's Texas team in 2015.


The day inspired me on many levels, but most amazing: of the 14 leaders who attended, 7 are over 60 years old--over 300 years of youth ministry experience--and still passionately involved with young people. Many of their ministries radically changed when they attended Super Summer Texas in 1975 and discovered Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry--almost 40 years ago.

Reach Out's Old and Young Texas Team
Big wins in October! And Reach Out's players are perennial champions. Only God knows how many kids follow Jesus as a result of their ministries!

Thank you, too, for playing on our team! Certainly Reach Out would have far fewer wins without your prayers and gifts. 

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Jesus is Lord,