November 2014

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God's extravagance gives us something to give away, which grows into full-formed lives, robust in God...

(2 Corinthians 9:10-11 MSG)


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1,000 leaders = 10,000 kids discipled

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Four Generations: Rick, Dyllan, Josh, and Barry 
Generation 4 - Dyllan Mawson 

Dyllan cussed Jesus and his friend! He had come to church with his friend to pursue a girl. When his friend received Christ, Dyllan's hatred for Jesus exploded with curse words. Strangely he came back to church, all because Josh Travis, the youth pastor, loved him. Soon Dyllan gave his life to Christ!

I hated Jesus and the church. But God's Spirit and my intense talks with Josh turned me around.  

Even through my struggles Jesus continues to give me a love and hunger for Him. - Dyllan Mawson

Generation 3 - Josh Travis
Josh came home from Afghanistan to Anchorage, Alaska in spring 2012. Out of the military, he struggled to find his life path. Soon after, Josh met Rick Eubanks at a mission trip at Muldoon Road Baptist Church, but was resisting God's tug to work with young people. Rick saw Josh's potential, gave him Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, and that confirmed his youth ministry calling. Then Josh became the full-time youth pastor at Muldoon Road.  Rick coached him as he implemented JFYM in his church.


I found myself fully focused on ensuring that the students I had grown to love--  
like Dyllan--were receiving discipleship the way Jesus would do it. - Josh Travis
Generation 2 - Rick Eubanks

Why did Rick invest in Josh? For 21 of his 42 years in youth ministry, Rick has invested in churches and students in Alaska. He has an almost inexhaustible passion for Jesus and multiplying disciples. That began in 1975 when he attended one of Reach Out's first Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry training experiences at Super Summer Texas.  



I came looking for the latest, greatest new ideas, but what I received changed my future. In teaching Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Barry emphasized loving Jesus above ministry, and training leaders and students into multiplying disciples. From that week until now Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry has been my strategy and making multiplying disciples has been my mission.- Rick Eubanks
Generations 1 - 4 Converged in Alaska!
Barry and Dyllan

Rick, Josh, Dyllan, and I led 11 churches and 23 youth leaders through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry and a Student Leadership Conference. Each of the four generations played a leadership role in influencing youth leaders and students. Dyllan was the youngest person ever to go through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.   

Generations Multiplied Globally in 2015


From Alaska to Cuba, from Africa to the Middle East -- to 30+ countries around the world, Reach Out continues to multiply leaders.  


Your generous gifts and Reach Out's multiplying ministry will affect the lives of thousands of leaders and teenagers -- from generation to generation.   


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