Our Partners in The Cuba Experience,                                                              March 2014 


From the low point of having our jump drives with our Spanish resources confiscated, to the high points of...

  • tears flowing as our team prayed over 130 youth leaders at our conference
  • enthusiasm rising from our 30 Eagle Leaders as they described their plans to lead 25-30 Jesus-Focused training opportunities from one end of Cuba to the other
  • laughter, raucous and incessant, from our Cuban brothers and sisters
  • joy in having good friends Randy Godfrey, Joe Edwards & Randy Riggins with me. 
Our Cuba Team: 
Randy Godfrey, Elio Martiz, Barry St. Clair, Pino Fernandez, Randy Riggins, Joe Edwards 


The stories telling of God meeting us every day at every point could fill a book.  Yet to give you a feel, I have asked Randy, Joe and Randy to give their perspective on The Cuba Experience.   


Our Eagle Leaders
at the Cross
Randy Godfrey
Forever, I will be changed by meeting these Cuban Christian leaders!  Watching Barry and others train these leaders allowed me to see up-close and personal the impact of the discipleship principles of Jesus at work.  No doubt, the Lord is doing great things in Cuba, and to know that Reach Out is a  critical part of His plan was a sight to behold!


Joe Edwards 

Cuba broke my heart--then filled it--then broke it again.  This cycle repeated itself nearly daily during my few days with my Cuban brothers and sisters.  I loved the jovial nature of the people, who reminded me so much of my years growing up in Brazil.  It is impossible not to engage with the warm hugs, easy smiles, laughs, heartfelt songs, prayers of emotion and conviction, and tender hearts turned to God.



Desperate, Dependent Prayers

Randy Riggins 

Sitting in Jason's Deli with my family the day after returning from Cuba, I started to cry.  The money I spent feeding my family lunch equals a Cuban school teacher's monthly salary.  That highlighted just one of the challenges faced by the unbelievably resourceful and inspiring leaders that we met.  That impacted me deeply.  How often do I truly live sacrificially, rather than simply giving and serving out of excess of my time, money, and energy?  The ways in which God chose to use me in Cuba may or may not ever be known by me, but the ways in which God impacted me personally are still sending shockwaves through my heart and mind.



Cuban Eagle Leaders
Yarnelis has trained 23 teenage leaders who apply Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in his church, and they have established small groups in their sixteen high schools to lead their friends to follow Jesus-unheard of in Cuba!

Joyous Smiles - What Fun With Our Eagle Leaders!

Hector, a veteran Reach Out Eagle Leader, followed God's call to start a street soccer ministry.  In the last 18 months, the ministry has grown from a few kids in front of his Russian-era public housing, to four neighborhoods and over 100 engaged kids.  He promises prizes every 8 weeks to the top 15 kids memorizing Scripture, yet he has no idea where the prizes will come from. He prays, God provides - every time!

Reach Out's Board Member
As a Reach Out board member, I have always believed in Barry and the ministry of Reach Out.  However, on this trip I saw firsthand the difference between simply supporting this ministry and experiencing the ministry in action in the lives of these amazing followers of Christ!  I witnessed the power of multiplying disciples, fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Momentum is rising, and soon will be realized for what the Lord has in store on this island of 11 million people.  I will return to Cuba again! - Randy Godfrey

The stories go on and on -- each a challenge, each a blessing

During The Cuba Experience, we felt the raw emotions of our Cuban friend's difficult struggles,  dynamic resourcefulness, and courageous leadership for the cause of "Cuba for Christ."  This continues to motivate us at Reach Out to provide training and resources for Cuban youth leaders.  Thank you for your prayers and gifts that also engage you in The Cuba Experience!

Jesus is Lord,


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