October 2012

Friends of Africa's Younger Generation,


"Africa Hope" describes our ministry in Africa. We have great hope that African leaders who have never received training, and teenagers who have never heard the gospel, will find hope as they focus on Jesus. This summer "Africa Hope" went far beyond living up to its name!
80,000 kids encountered the gospel

Charles Juma offers a few snippets from the larger story of training 800 leaders in 23 Jesus-

College students Charles led to the Lord

Focused Forums and communicating the gospel to 80,000 kids in schools through our 138 Eagle Leaders in 13 countries! 


In Tanzania: Over 700 came to the Lord...One day I stood on a dirt road passing by Lake Victoria and led four students to the Lord...later I gathered 22 college young men and began to talk about Jesus. They listened attentively and by the end of our discussion all received Jesus. They asked me for Swahili Bibles to begin a Bible study...Later I received this email: I am Paul Nyamhanga Gasper, a student in Bwiru. After you preached to us God's word...I have never been the same; my life is changed...I still hear that message ringing in my mind and I have kept it in my heart. Thank you. 
In Kenya: Today was a great day. We shared the gospel with 6,327 students. In one high school, the principal is the chairman of the Christian Union in this part of Kenya. He wants to introduce JFYM to all of the principals in this region. He will call 100 of them for a JFYM Forum. He hopes JFYM can become a part of their training throughout Kenya.  
Zambian JFYM Forum Youth Leaders
In Zambia: After a 32 hour trip that was neither smooth nor safe, I found a group of leaders who are going to turn Zambia upside down. They love Jesus and want Zambian youth brought to Jesus. Pastor Ngarasia emailed me after the JFYM Forum: My perception has changed forever about our youth and youth ministry. Please God forgive us for turning our backs on our young people. We are guilty of turning our youth over to the world instead of bringing them to Christ and allowing them to serve Him. As a result, we have neglected one of our most important treasures in God's kingdom and in our nation--our youth! This is a wakeup call, and we must rise up and reclaim our young people from the destructive ways of the world and from the forces of Satan!
Charles Juma & Andrew Maina

In Zambia from Kenya: Andrew Maina introduced himself as a missionary from Kenya working with youth in Zambia. He said that Sylvester Onyango mentored him. I almost fell on the floor. I found Sylvester in the streets of Nairobi and took care of him in my house for years, paid his school fees, and helped him find his wife. Now Sylvester teaches youth ministry at Kenya Baptist College and serves as youth pastor in one of the largest churches in Nairobi. Sylvester is my son in Christ, and Sylvester's son, Andrew, now disciples teenagers in Zambia. It does not get any better than this! Multiplying ministry really works!



Thank you to our supporters for making it possible to pursue God's mission of bringing African youth to His Son!

Jesus is Lord,                                          


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