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                   November Update


Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful. I have a very special reason to be grateful this year because Jett is scheduled to get his first infusion of eteplirsen tomorrow, as part of a non-ambulatory safety trial. As you have heard me screaming from the rooftops, we need to make access to drugs easier for those with rare disease. I am so incredibly thankful that Jett has been approved to be part of this trial and consider us blessed.

But my gratitude is short lived and I have mixed emotions. I'm mad this didn't happen sooner and I'm still fighting for those who are waiting. 

There are thousands of children and young adults who are not getting the treatment they need. These individuals will decline over the next year waiting for treatments to get approved. They will lose the ability to walk, to feed themselves, and to hug their moms. The FDA is causing undue delay. They are not following process and are ignoring FDASIA, a law they helped Congress write. Congress should hold the FDA accountable and the FDA should show regulatory flexibility to provide the earliest possible access to treatment. Our advocacy work must continue in full force to get treatment for ALL with Duchenne.

We live in an incredibly hopeful time for those with Duchenne and rare diseases, but we need to continue to fight hard and make our voices heard, so safe and effective treatment gets to those who need it, as quickly as possible. Many with Duchenne, and other diseases, will decline while waiting for access to drugs that could help them. We need to stop this. I was featured in an article about it this week in U.S. News and World Report.


I need your support to stop the non-sense and get treatments more effectively. 


I am so grateful to my friends and supporters who make this work possible. Please know that we will not stop until ALL affected by Duchenne have a safe and effective treatment and ALL the unmet needs of the community are fulfilled.

Thank you,  

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Christine is the Charity Warriors Winner!


Thank you to all who donated and joined us at the gala. Christine was honored to have been chosen among Boston's best to participate in this unique event and documentary screening. A huge thank you to the other amazing participants and to the Charity Warriors organization for supporting the Jett Foundation. Lastly, a special thanks to Mary Chiochios and Christy Cashman for their incredible work and creativity.

Jett Foundation Board Members, Rhonda Kallman, Evy Nelson, Christine McSherry, Kristen Daly and Leo Robinson celebrate the Charity Warriors win!


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