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                   October Update



This fall the Jett Foundation has been focused on advocacy work that is making a difference. We participated along with 26 other foundations and 21st Century Cures to guide FDA for drug approval in rare diseases with unmet medical needs. In addition, in an exclusive video with the Rare Disease Report, Christine McSherry shares her success in how to get in front of FDA and regulators and get your story heard. Christine is a warrior and she has been recognized as one!


If You Want the FDA's Attention,  Get Your Message to Where They are Looking
If You Want the FDA's Attention - Video from the Rare Disease Report

The Jett Foundation and Christine are honored to have been chosen among Boston's best to participate in Charity Warriors. Charity Warriors is a 6-week fundraising competition - help us win $10,000! (see below for details).  

Every day the foundation works to eliminate the challenges of Duchenne through research and programs. On the program front, we are excited to welcome Libby Brockman, from Camp Promise. She will be working on new programs for all affected by Duchenne.


We are so grateful to our friends and supporters who make this work possible. Please know that our work will not stop until ALL affected by Duchenne have a safe and effective treatment and ALL the unmet needs of the community are fulfilled. Help us save this generation from Duchenne.

Thank you,  

The Jett Foundation team

Help us Win $10,000!

Christine McSherry has been selected as one of the 2014 Charity Warriors. Charity Warriors is a six-week fundraising competition between 5 of the most inspirational women in Boston who are changing the world with their efforts to raise money for worthy causes.  The "Warrior" who raises the most money during this 6 week campaign will win an additional $10,000 - help us win with a donation today!

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World Muscle Society Congress

Jenn McNary attended the 19th International Congress of the World Muscle Society in Berlin last week. The conference showed it is an exciting time for Duchenne research, and progress was evident throughout the sessions. Jenn was able to have conversations with representatives from several Duchenne focused pharmaceutical companies as well as researchers and physicians, all with a very hopeful and positive tone for families living with Duchenne. She heard updates from PTC therapeutics, Sarepta, Prosensa and Summit, all with drugs currently in clinical trials or in pre-clinical with an expected start date of 2015/2016. Please don't hesitate to contact Jenn via email if you'd like specific information on any of the companies or data.



Welcome Libby! 
The Jett Foundation is thrilled to have Libby Brockman join our team. 

Our Goal: Eliminate the challenges of Duchenne through research and services. 

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