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14 Sep 16: Dr. Lokendra Pal will make a presentation on 3-D Printing

We will have an extremely interesting presentation on 3-D Printing at the LGMI Conference

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Title: 3D Printing: Opportunities for Biomaterials and Paper Industry


A large portion of consumer and industrial products that we consume today are mass produced using a variety of traditional manufacturing processes such as molding, machining, forming, and joining. They are mainly produced from fossil-derived synthetic plastics, ceramics and metals on a large commercial scale for distribution around the world. This is a proven business model; however, it has drawbacks such as special tooling needs for manufacturing, higher cost for low volume and complex parts production, risk of availability due to limited sourcing and catastrophic events, and increased environmental concerns and end-of-life disposal challenges. In addition to these drawbacks this business model also has limited scope for design iteration for exploring new designs and materials due to high upfront tooling cost and lead time. It also has an inefficient supply chain due to large scale centralized manufacturing facility requiring massive support infrastructures, and a high cost of shipping, warehousing, and distribution due to raw materials and finished products shipping around the world instead of regional production.
There is a continued thrust to find alternative business models to develop manufacturing technologies, materials, and a supply-chain to conserve the limited reserve of nonrenewable raw materials such as fossil-derived synthetic plastics, ceramics and metals and to develop renewable biomaterials to support future growth in consumption. 3D Printing is a relatively new process to create three dimensional objects. It is categorized as a layer manufacturing techniques which have the remarkable characteristic of not only making existing parts but also making possible to produce products that weren't even conceivable before- by controlled addition rather than subtraction. It provides freedom to make complex geometries, customize, and functionalize designs that could lead to production of light weight products without sacrificing strength. The continued development in 3D printers and materials could pave the way to develop high performance light weight, green, and smart machinery. We will demonstrate the potential applications of 3D printing in the biomaterials and paper industry. Specifically, the use of 3D printing technology and biomaterials for molded paper products, spare parts, and equipment will be highlighted.
About the author:

Dr. Lokendra Palis an Associate Professor in the Department of Forest Biomaterials at North Carolina State University. Dr. Pal has over 14 years of industrial experience in the research and manufacturing of paper-based materials and professional experience in managing and collaborating with industrial partners worldwide.Dr. Pal has filed 30 patent applications and been granted 10 patents. Before joining NC State, Dr. Pal spent 9 years working with Hewlett-Packard in the Media Supplies and Solutions group leading new product development and cost reduction programs. He obtained his Ph.D. in Paper and Imaging Science and Engineering from Western Michigan University. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt.His current research efforts focus on developing sustainable packaging materials and functional coatings, smart packaging, printed electronics, and additive manufacturing/3D printing processes and materials. 

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