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3 Aug 16: 7th Annual LGMI Conference at NCSU in October

The Seventh Annual Light Green Machine Institute Annual Conference will be held 16 - 18 October in Raleigh, North Carolina, in conjunction with North Carolina State University.

We'll start with a reception on Sunday evening, 16 Oct 16, and wrap with a tour of the Paper Science and Engineering Department.

We have jam packed program in store for you.  You may see the program and sign up here.

New this year, we will have a student competition and a table top exhibit area.

From now until the conference, we'll highlight some of the talks to be given.

First up--Dr. Jeff Wright.
Formerly of ArborGen, Dr. Wright is now CEO of Durania, LLC.  

Here is his topic and abstract:

Wood Supply Changes in the Southeastern United States and 
Effects on Pine Pulping, Bleaching and Papermaking
Pronouncements by academic and think tank pundits that the southeastern United States has sufficient wood resources will ring hollow for certain mills and their wood procurement teams. Several almost irreversible trends are and will profoundly affect wood supply over the next 5-20 years. These include, but are not limited to, urbanization, reduction in woodland size, tree planting at less than half of pine planting in the 1960's to mid-1990's, few or no plantations of hardwoods, housing starts impact on residual sawmill chip supply, competing wood utilization from pellet mills, reduction in logging crews and a massive decline in research efforts for productive pine plantation forests.  High quality sawmill chips have and will continue to decrease in availability resulting in a procurement push to secure younger pine from plantation thinning's and the tops of tree stems harvested for sawn lumber. Differences in pine wood of different ages for pulp production have been well documented. Younger pine can have 2-4% less pulp yield, 10-25 % higher lignin content resulting in higher pulping costs due to higher chemical consumption and lower yields, 10-20% lower wood density, a reduction of 30-50% in fiber length and up to a 40-50% reduction in tear index. paper strength. As wood supply trends more to juvenile pine due to reductions in sawmill chip availability, mill management, investors and wood procurement teams are advised to increase due diligence on their perceived wood basket.
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