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22 Jun 16: Advice in a vacuum
happened to run into a famous vacuum consultant in our industry the other day.  We began talking and he mused about how many vacuum pumps he has recommended removing since he stopped selling vacuum pumps many years ago and started consulting on vacuum systems.
Surely I have been down this road before, I thought, but have I?  Or have you? We often go to the purveyors of certain types of equipment for advice, but do we ever think about them giving us biased recommendations?  After all, we want their advice for "free."  They are not in the "free" business. They have to sell us equipment in order to get paid for the time we spend with us.
How much extra equipment do we have because of this set of behaviors?

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Response from last week:

Oh you mean build a papermachine like a pulp machine is built?  Conversely you could build a machine like a few that have been done in Indo China with a pit for the felted sections and part of the wet end process.  The rest is at grade level just like Gatineau #4 in Hull Quebec (a maintenance nightmare so bad example).  You will find a lot of examples like this for machines built in the 20's and 30's.
High speed "All Uni-Run" dryer sections do not need a full basement.  A half basement will work just as well.
There are also recent tissue machines here in North America that are 50% pit with the rest at grade level. The Chinese have tissue machines that have a pit for the Yankee's pulper only.
It's been done before Jim.

Brian Creagan
Montreal, Quebec 
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Think light!

Brian Brogdon, Ph.D.
Executive Director


Jim Thompson

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