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15 Jun 16: Should we be thinking about weight in terms of production-part 3
We talked about the wet end and press section in the last two issues of this newsletter.  Let's move on to the dryer section and beyond.

The weight in the dryer section can be reduced considerably by going to aluminum dryers.  This not only reduces the weight of each dryer, the improved heat transfer reduces the total number of dryers needed.
Beyond the dryers, there is more to consider. Why is the calendar stack--or for that matter, the reel and winder--kept at the same elevation as the rest of the machine?  We know why the machine, through the dryer section, has a basement--it is for the couch pit, bottom felts, pulpers and so forth.
I don't think the case is so strong for the calendar, reel and winder.  Yes, it makes it easier to have a dry end pulper, but a dry end pulper could be a pit in the ground with an agitator and pump suction design within the vessel, not on the outside.  Just because we haven't done it that way does not mean we could not make such a design.
This will eliminate a lot of structure, both concrete and steel.  It will also eliminate any need for a lowerator to bring the finished rolls off the winder to a warehouse floor elevation (although I have seen an automated warehouse that picks up the rolls at the operating floor level, thereby eliminating the need for a lowerator).
Just because we have not done it before does not mean we can't do it in the future.

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