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25 May 16: Drones will aid LGMI Objectives
A new company from South Africa called Drone Scan (or its inevitable competitors) will soon appear in your warehouse and perhaps other parts of your mill.

Drone Scan has the capability of reading bar codes.  For inventory accountability, this will eliminate putting humans in baskets on fork trucks to read the bar codes on high stacked rolls using a custom designed drone.  This eliminates the fork truck for this application and thus reduces the gross overall weight of the mill, hence the claim in our headline this week.

For fully automated warehouses, this will not be important, for in those warehouses the identity of all rolls is known by their location.  However, in manual warehouses, stacked by clamp trucks, this will be a great time saver for inventory audits.

There are other applications for this technology as well.  As more and more equipment, such as valves, come with bar codes, it will be easy to check the identity of a valve up in the air with Drone Scan, saving a trip when verifying a valve for replacement.

Where else can we use this technology?
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