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27 Apr 16: Harper Fourdrinier inspires faithful contributor
Our Harper Fourdrinier discussion last week inspired faithful contributor Bryan Creagan to offer two tranches of thought for our consideration. They were of such quality that we thought they would make a good column for this week.

Byran's first thoughts:


Why not place the wet end on top instead of in the basement with the press on top.  Picture an "I" Type Vertiformer with the presses in the vertical run in the basement.  Then the wet hydraulics are correct and the heavy loads are in the basement.   Locate the dryer Uniruns in the basement with the two tier sections above the Uniruns to simplify broke handling.  Wet end would be 75% shorter and much less concrete and steel. 

But after a little more thinking, he came back with this:


I've been thinking about the vertically oriented wet end again.  If we use the same premise as my last email (gap former with presses in the basement) and stacked dryer sections, why would you need an operating floor?

In regards to dryers, picture a Unirun section rotated 90 degrees with say no more than 8 dryers per section.  Now line them up like soldiers.  The length of the dryer section just dropped by a factor of 4 and you have a high speed capable dryer section and again, without an operating floor.  The configuration would be also be self-cleaning after a break.
The building would be at least half the size and no intermediate floors.

Great job, Bryan.  Anyone else want to weigh in on this configuration?

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Think light!

Brian Brogdon, Ph.D.
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