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16 Mar 16: What can we learn from Tesla?
Ever popped the hood on a Tesla to see what is under there?
Nothing.  It is another storage area, another trunk (or "boot" if you are from some other places in the world).
You see, when Tesla went about designing an electric automobile, they threw out everything--the engine and all its auxiliary systems, the transmission, the drive shaft, the differential and a bunch of other components that were required with an internal combustion engine.
The worst conversions I have ever seen from a steam turbine line shaft drive to an electric drive were the ones on which the turbine was replaced in situ with an electric motor.  Slightly better were those where the dryer drive shaft inputs were left intact and a new gearbox and motor were attached--at least the line shaft was scrapped.
On some older machines and most new machines, we now drive the dryers with felt rolls.  Yet, this design still incorporates a gearbox, external electric motor and a big chunk of concrete upon which to set all of this.
The best design would be to make the felt roll the electric motor itself.  This would be along the lines of what Tesla has done to the drive system in automobiles.
Years ago we briefly talked about this idea, in perhaps a clumsier or less refined fashion.
What I am suggesting now is an all-out push to create standards to make such a self-driven roll. The big drive companies and the paper machine manufacturers could come together and create uniform standards for such a design.  Perhaps those who manufacture steel processing systems could be brought in on this, too.  After all, the steel industry has similar applications.
Look at the savings.  They will be significant once a standard is created.

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