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30 Dec 15: A coming unrealized benefit of RPAs

As you may know, Paperitalo Publications is actively keeping up with the developments in Remotely Piloted Aircraft (aka drones).  We even have a monthly newsletter devoted to the subject (Aerial Arguments).
One of the things I have noticed coming out the development of RPAs is this: all sorts of suppliers of sensors are being driven to make these smaller, lighter and more robust for hostile conditions.
Why?  RPA operators are wanting to put sensors (cameras, sniffers, thermocouples) and so forth on RPAs and in order to pack these in, they must be lightweight and able to withstand abusive conditions (crashing into things, falling out of the sky).  They also must work in a wide range of temperatures and often communicate their data wirelessly to the ground.
We in the pulp and paper industry can benefit from this.  We can put these tiny sensors in places where we could never put sensors before.  This means we will be able to measure things and see things we could never measure and see before.
Where would you like to measure an attribute? What attribute would that be?  Let us hear from you, please. 

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