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9 Dec 15: CPVC Piping Making Inroads

If you have been following the Light Green Machine Institute for years, you know a long time ago we started pushing PVC and CPVC piping.  

Well, CPVC has graduated to the big leagues. Here is a seminar series on using CPVC pipe for Fire Protection Applications.  Quoting from the offering:

Developed specifically for fire protection engineers and system installers, this webinar will provide attendees with an overview of CPVC piping systems and answers common questions in the fire protection industry.

The webinar will feature six separate informative modules. Attendees will learn about:

The history and acceptance of CPVC in the industry throughout the years.

Performance advantages of CPVC in relation to hydraulics, sustainability and MIC resistance.

Updates on listings, approvals and standards.

Special circumstances such as attics, airplenums, laundry rooms, etc., with answers straight from the source.


Updates on chemical compatibility.

Note:  the Light Green Machine Institute has not been paid to promote this seminar and has no connection with the seminar providers.

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