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30 Sep 15: Clarification
We received correspondence last week asking if we were advocating not following the necessary principles to design in earthquake zones.  That is not quite what the email said, but I am paraphrasing to make a point.
We never advocate violating codes or engineering safety principles.
What we do advocate is challenging all overly conservative concepts that have been built into design practices over the years.  These practices, in and of themselves, are expensive and often done without thought.
Take the place we started years ago, for instance. We began by advocating a serious look at steel dryers.  At our first Light Green Machine Institute Conference we talked about this, and in fact, a representative from one of the major insurance companies showed up to see what we were advocating.
Now, at the 6th Annual Light Green Machine Institute Conference in Stevens Point, Wisconsin (October 20 -22, 2015), Voith is going to present a paper on steel dryers. 
We've come a long way, baby, in just six short years.

So, if you have not signed up for the 6th Annual LGMI Conference, time is getting short. You can do so here.

We have speakers coming from Canada and Sweden, as well as the United States.  We have attendees signed up from as far away as Italy.
We design this conference to minimize your time away from the office.  From most places in the United States, you should be able to leave home on Tuesday morning, October 20th and return home by late Thursday, October 22nd, with only three days out of your mill.

Sign up now while it is on your mind.  You can do so here.

Jim Thompson
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Jim Thompson

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