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23 Sep 15: Lightweight concepts in rebuilds
Lightweight concepts can pay huge dividends in rebuilds.

If the mill or area subject of the rebuild was originally built using lightweight concepts, it is clear that rebuilds, renovations and repurposing exercises will be easier to do.
Because the original development of the area was less cluttered and built without the traditional over-design of---everything.  So, it will be easier to remove that which is not needed in the new scheme of things.
Using lightweight concepts for the new equipment and processes will mean there will not be installed spares, redundant piping and other space and time grabbing wastes.
All of this means less crafts people trying to get into the same space.  It also means easier training and likely fewer commissioning and startup issues.  
Simply, when something does not exist, it is not in the way and cannot cause problems of any kind.  That is the Light Green Machine way of designing and operating modern mills.

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Jim Thompson
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Comment from last week:


Our mill is located in Mexico, and we have seismic specifications to follow in order to build concrete and steel frames. Is very important to design buildings with this specifications, so, if you see our buildings it will be considered as big concrete and steel frames, may be someone could said that oversized. But in our case is better instead of have concrete and steel troubles after an earthquake. So, in some cities of USA, Canada and some countries in Europe never will have an earthquake. But in Los Angeles, CA. Mexico, Chile, and many other countries is very important to design mill with strong specifications in order to resists earthquakes.
In Mexico design frames (concrete and steel) is not defined by the mill weights and loads, is defined by building codes. So, there is very important to design according to these codes in order to get a safety building.
In this case, for many people oversized, but with a big reason to do it.

Thank you

Ing. Manuel Bahena Olvera
Ingeniero de Planta                                         
Planta Grupak Hidalgo:
Carretera Federal Pachuca - Cd. Sahagún Tramo Cd. Sahagún
Emiliano Zapata Km 20, CP 43960.
Emiliano Zapata, Hidalgo

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Brian Brogdon, Ph.D.
Executive Director




Jim Thompson

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