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6 May 15: Applications 18: Segregation, part 2

It occurred to me since last week's column that there is another way to achieve the same idea (separating the atmosphere of the machine motors from the atmosphere of the machine) in a way that may be superior.
That way is this: use right angle gearboxes. These are certainly proven pieces of equipment. Right angle gearboxes would allow you to mount the motors vertically on a mezzanine above the machine floor or in the basement below.  The basement below might be better as far as providing a stable mounting location less prone to vibration than a mezzanine.  However, either location would allow one to still isolate the motors from the lousy machine room atmosphere and be in their own nice, cool, dry atmosphere.
Visualize it.  Use relatively long connecting shafts from the gear boxes to the driven components of the machine, so they set back some distance.  Then, go vertical, either up or down,  to the motors on a different level.
The motors are in a great place.  The access to the back side of the machine is like nothing you have ever seen before.
Yes, this is superior to last week's idea. 
I'll restate what I said last week: your uptime will be better and your maintenance budget will be lower.
Do you agree?

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