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29 Oct 14: Already done


Last week we talked about 3-D printing of concrete.  Mikael K�ll of Mets� Tissue in Mariestad, Sweden, tells us it has already been developed and here is the link to prove it.  


And More! (I must have been living under a rock):





We have been active advising clients about additive fabrication using UV curable polymers, so I've not paid attention to the applications with construction lately.  But your LGMI  Weekly today woke me up.


Monolite of the UK have developed a system for concrete-like structures - it is called D-Shape. 



The D-shape machine builds structures a layer at a time from sand and binder, just like one of inkjet methods but an order or magnitude or more larger.


For each layer a binder applied where structure is wanted.  The unbound sand remains as a support until construction is over whereupon it can be removed by vacuum or with water. 


This process can incorporate voids, channels and ducts.  The structure can be shaped for load distribution, and it can have multiple levels for mounting components, rather than having one surface and then using framing. 


The material has properties comparable to sandstone.  Binder and filler options can allow for different characteristics.


I just spoke to the Mr. Enrico Dini, Chairman of the company.  He was pleased to hear from me, especially when I described the Light Green Machine initiative.


D-Shape has a rep in New York and will have a machine there in 6 months.  It will be in a factory and make items to order.  We can envision a foundation contractor buying one of these in the future once the material for our industries needs are sorted out.


I shall be sending a message to Enrico and will introduce you & Brian.  


I'm tempted to get on a plane next week, but I'm in the middle of a press line assembly and I seem to be the only one applying your capital project management principles.




Dene H. Taylor
New Hope, Pennsylvania

And if you didn't attend this year's Light Green Machine Institute conference on the campus of Oxford, Ohio that wrapped up yesterday, here's a glimpse of what you missed:



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