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15 Oct 14: Applications in Use, VII--It adds up


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Some of the most insidious and pervasive cases of over-designed installations are those that are a compounding of safety factors.


It works like this.  One person orders a piece of equipment.  An engineer then asks the supplier of this equipment what the loading is on each anchor pad.  The equipment supplier, not wanting to get into trouble, makes a rough calculation, doubles it, and sends it to the engineer.  The engineer takes a look at it, and not wanting to have a problem, doubles it again.  If this happened to be a structure in the air, it might then be sent to a foundation designer, who, you guessed it, doubles it again.


The result is a waste of concrete and steel beyond all reasonable safety factors.


If you have overall responsibility for a project, challenge these matters--require each entity in the process to show you the calculations that they used to derive the numbers they pass down the line.  You will save serious money.


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