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23 Jul 14: What is our purpose?



By purpose I mean, what is the Light Green Machine Institute all about?


Every once in a while, all organizations should stand back and ask themselves this question.


I am going to give you a silly visualization, and follow it up with a serious comment.


Our purpose is to be able to look at a tree and convert it immediately to paper.  Silly isn't it?


But here is the serious point from this silly idea...We are here to eliminate as many pieces of equipment, facilities, and elements of production as possible and still make a quality product in any grade.




Obviously, simpler is better.  Further, it is our belief, that over the evolutionary life of the paper machine, many things have been added that may or may not be useful if another way is found.  


So, why not adopt the attitude that tree to paper is the ultimate, that everything we have to put between the tree and paper is simply a necessary evil, hence minimize these necessary evils as much as possible?


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LGMI Design Practices
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Think light!


Brian Brogdon, Ph.D.
Executive Director




Jim Thompson

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