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February 2014
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(above) nearly $200 million investment, hundreds of skilled construction jobs , over 100 permanent high paying  jobs, recently completed in the USA.  

Welcome to the latest issue of Economic Development Arguments by Paperitalo Publications. In this edition, we
discuss the importance of keeping certain information under your hat. 



Jim Thompson
[email protected]

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For goodness sakes, when a potential employer comes to you seeking information for building anything in your community, keep your mouth shut.

In my business, I hear about developments and rumors of developments all the time.  The source of such information usually ends up being an economic development agency.  You probably have no idea how many deals you have lost due to indiscretions early on. 

The reason you are not aware of the losses is because they simply just go away.  A company comes to town, and through a Newco buys a piece of property so they cannot be identified. However, before they can complete their assessment, and buy all the land they need, someone has told the news around the area.

You just lost the project, for the local landowners will hold the project hostage for the balance of the real estate needed to develop the site.  

You are the front line in stopping leaks.  You no doubt report to politicians and government officials that want to know everything going on in your department.  It is your duty to protect the community by keeping the developers' plans quiet.

I have gone into towns to inquire about developing a site for a client.  The next thing I know, half the town's glitterati have me out to dinner.  I leave, even if their intentions might have been the best, for I know they are all lining up to take a piece, a big piece, of my client.
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