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January 2014
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(above) nearly $200 million investment, hundreds of skilled construction jobs , over 100 permanent high paying  jobs, recently completed in the USA.  

Welcome to the latest issue of Economic Development Arguments by Paperitalo Publications. In this edition, we
discuss the importance of understanding what is missing in your area. 



Jim Thompson
What are you missing?

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We briefly mentioned natural gas lines last month, in a tangential sort of way.  However, since then events due to winter weather have made them even more interesting. 

The pulp and paper industry in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont is experiencing significant unscheduled downtime this winter.  It is not because they cannot obtain natural gas--it is the price.  In New England, natural gas is running up to ten times more expensive than in Pennsylvania.  This is solely due to a lack of infrastructure.

Logistically, Maine has always had a challenge--it is in the corner of the nation and everything has to be brought to the corner and product then shipped back to market from there.  The usual solution to this has been international business with Canada. 

Today's pulp and paper industry is depending more and more  on natural gas.  In the past, supplemental fuel was often coal, but due to regulatory changes, coal is no longer viable.

But the point is even bigger than fuel here.  Have you honestly evaluated your weaknesses?  Are you working with the elected officials in your area to eliminate these?  You can't look attractive to possible employers if your house is not in shape. 
Talo Analytic and Paperitalo Publications are uniquely able to help you

Jim Thompson, CEO of Talo Analytic International, Inc. has served as Independent Engineer for financial institutions on approximately $6.5 billion in pulp and paper projects in the United States in the last twenty years.  No one individual has done more of these projects (about twenty unique projects).

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