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8 Jan 14: Methods 1



After last week's column, Dene Taylor sent me a message suggesting that perhaps I had left out people in the "New Frontiers."


Looking back over the column, we were thinking of people when we talked about methods.

People, and the methods they use, are some of the best ways to improve productivity.  Big gains can be made if the proper motivation can be supplied.  We spend a lot of time on this subject over on Nip Impressions.

There are several problems and challenges in implementation methods.  We'll discuss many of them this year.

The first is getting people to break perceptions.  The second is to break habits and form new habits.  Very tough subjects.

Some managers erroneously think their job is to keep their employees happy.  That is absolutely incorrect.  Their job is to keep them motivated.  Motivation takes many forms, sometimes it is rewards, sometimes it is fear.  Fear, used too frequently and in too big of doses will not work--people will leave.  Praising in too big of doses for too trivial of matters causes people to become discontented and slovenly if withdrawn.  It is a tough road for managers.

Likewise, I have often seen the excuse of needing more capital hiding poor management skills.  Yes, there are times when we run out of asset capacity.  However, many more times we just aren't managing the assets, including people that we have.

We'll work on this some more as the year progresses, but this is a good place to start for now.

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