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18 Dec 13: LGMI's Mission



As the end of the year approaches, we thought it a good time to reflect on the mission of the Light Green Machine(R) Institute (LGMI).


LGMI exists because there is, in our opinion, a gap in the academic and technical institutions of the pulp and paper industry.  We started this idea over five years ago with a Nip Impressions(R) column, where Jim pondered the concept of making a papermachine, and its surrounding auxiliaries, lighter in physical weight.  This was later expanded to the entire mill.

The idea is simple--if we focused on this idea of weight, we would improve not only the equipment, but energy use, safety, capital costs and operating costs.  Over the years, the ideas promulgated have proven this basic tenant. 

What this means, in practice, is we have to think of the unique while not becoming weird.  Jim has always said there is a fine line between unique and weird. Unique is readily accepted while weird is universally rejected.  Admittedly, sometimes our ideas are seen as weird, but as we walk down this tightrope, wobbles from one side to the other can be expected.

So, as we go into the new year and plan our 2014 conference, think about these matters.  And let us know the direction you think we should go--we will be happy to give you plenty of recognition for your efforts.

And it is a struggle to stay on mission and keep you engaged.  A task we take as a pleasant challenge as we go forward.  To give you a hint of what we face with this challenge, I thought I would share what we received as feedback last week when we asked for your opinion on location and timing of the 2014 conference.

Here were the comments on the survey:
  •  I live too far away (in Finland) from these events to be able to join, sorry.
  • Unfortunately too busy with day to day to attend LGMI, but would like to.
  • Note that there is a big marathon before PaperCon in Nashville that makes hotels very difficult to get. 
  • There is a big marathon in Nashville April 26 so it will be hard to get hotel rooms
  • Seems more likely LGMI attenders will want/be able to piggyback on a conference about papermaking than firearms.
  • LGMI should be a part of Papercon
  • It's stupid to have it anywhere near Papercon and what possibly does the NRA meeting have to do with any paper related meeting.

Now, as far as the "voting" went, given the choices we gave you, having it after PaperCon slightly beat out having it on either side of the NRA convention in Indianapolis. 


And the choice we gave you of the NRA convention was one that probably is representative of our thinking here.  It is a well known fact that many, many paper industry people in the United States are hunters.  We threw that out there to see if the hunting crowd would be motivated to persuade their boss to send them to the LGMI conference and then plan to stay over for the NRA convention.  A bit devious, perhaps, but we do think outside the box.  If you still want to take the survey, it is still open and you can take it here

We have torn up the rule book and are replanning the 2014 LGMI Conference.  It will likely be in the spring.  We'll provide more news here as soon as we have it ready.  Start thinking now about coming to the 2014 LGMI Conference.  



Summer survey links:


05 Jun 13 Overall Conference issues 

12 Jun 13 Woodyards 

26 Jun 13 Continuous Pulping
03 Jul 13 Recycled Fiber Prep
10 Jul 13 Forming
17 Jul 13 Pressing
24 Jul 13 Drying
31 Jul 13 Sizing & Coating Kitchens
07 Aug 13 Calendering
14 Aug 13 Reels and Winding
21 Aug 13 Maintenance
28 Aug 13 Energy
04 Sep 13 Effluent Systems
11 Sep 13 Stock Preparation

LGMI Design Practices
We are listening as hard as we can to what you want, so please take a few minutes each week to let us know what you think.

Results so far to Overall Conference Issues (please click above and take this survey if you have not already): 

1. Conference Credibility often starts with a view at pricing. Too low--suspicious; too high--not worth it. What is the just right number for a conference fee in your mind?

1/11 $100
5/11 $200
2/11 $300
1/11 $400
1/11 $500
1/11 $600 

>Conference fee is not a factor.  I look for description of content relevant to my specialty
>Amount depends on theme or subject of conference
I will pay what I think a conference is worth either to me or to my client. That is variable of course. I also will look at the fee in regards to the total cost. If this conference was for the converting industry and held in Atlanta $300 would not matter. If I knew there were real decision makers and I could have real face time quite a bit more would be okay.
Realistic number is $300 per day for a reasonable return to the sponsoring organization
>With concessions for those not being sponsored by companies. May encourage those with a personal interest.

2. What is a comfortable length of conference for you?

3/4 2 days
1/4 3 days

>Subject matter, conference location all have a bearing
1 day for travel, 3 days for the conference, and 1 day for travel. Makes for a good, full week.
Two nights typically with about 100 people - for the number of networking opportunities.
Can't fit enough into 1 day - mills can't get away for more than 2 days

Many personally attend conferences for the unstructured time to socialize with others. How much unstructured time do you think should be built into each day? 
1/11 less than an hour
7/11 a couple of hours
3/11 evenings only

4. Where should the unstructured time take place?

2/12 in conference room
7/12 in a break area
3/12 in a separate room

5. What are your favorite session formats?

(0 = lowest, 5 = highest)

Lecture                          mean  1.7    std dev.   1.9
Panel                             mean  1.4    std dev.   1.7
Interactive discussion    mean  2.3    std. dev.  2.3

You can still vote on this survey!  Just click it above on the 5 Jun 13 line.


As always, your comments will be appreciated.
Think light!


Brian Brogdon, Ph.D.
Executive Director




Jim Thompson

Send us your comments by emailing Brian Brogdon
or Jim Thompson!

Available for download: 2013 LGMI Conference Presentations.
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