Weekly Idea 12 Dec. 2012-Toy helicopters piloted by brainwaves
We have talked about small helicopters here before--the toy industry is about to take this discussion to a new level. We always tend to think light, and this week we're looking a mobile-controlled toy helicopter that can take off, fly and land--by only using brainwaves. This new device has been designed by a start-up company named Puzzlebox, which says it is looking to broadly launch the product it calls Orbit in time for Christmas.

The Orbit design reportedly consists of a radio-controlled helicopter piloted over Bluetooth by a person wearing a NeuroSky MindWave mobile device, which is an over-the-counter EEG headset. The company says a second version is expected to be available by May of next year and will come with a pyramid-shaped base. This acts as a base for the helicopter and remote control. According to articles we've seen recently, multi-colored LED lights are arranged on the face of the Pyramid and are used to indicate levels of concentration, mental relaxation, and EEG signal quality.

This technology isn't just for toys. Billions of dollars have been pumped into private neurodevice companies over the past seven years, according to analysts with Research and Markets. Additionally, according to research from Global Industry Analysts, the market for EEG monitors should reach $1.3 billion by 2015. We think the pulp and paper industry (in 2012 and beyond) should pay very close to this type of technology and think about how it could be implemented in our mills.


Think light!



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In the spirit of the Light Green Machine:

German Mower


What a masterpiece of engineering! And no one seems to be able to compete with the Germans. As I travel across America's byways, I have often thought there should be a better, neater, more efficient way of mowing and trimming the grass, plants and trees. Thanks to the good Dr. Kahn ('45), I now know it is possible. Enjoy watching the "crazy" machines the Germans invented. My favorite is the one that trims around the fence posts. And how about the one that washes the signs?

Seems you just cannot beat German engineering!

Check out this link.

George Mead
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

(On Weekly Idea 5 Dec. 2012--Getting started on "printing" your own parts--it's time)


There are kits available for around $450 and assembled units start at $680 for basic additive technology if you just want to try this technology out.



Bryan Creagan


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