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Support the Miles For Paws Team in the ING NYC Marathon!


Your Donation Will Save the Lives of Homeless Pets in New York City


The ING New York City Marathon is coming up this weekend, and our Miles For Paws marathoners are training hard for the big race! You can help our runners achieve their personal best on Sunday, November 3, by supporting them with your donation. Remember, when you pledge support for our team, you're also helping to save lives by supporting the programs of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.



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Meet Our 2013 Marathoners...


Meet the runners who are saving the lives NYC's animals by running for Miles For Paws in this year's ING New York City Marathon!

Rami Boukai


Inspired by his adorable dog, Gwen, who was a rescue from the streets of downtown San Diego, Rami Boukai is running with Miles For Paws "because every animal deserves a loving place to call home."


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M. Denise Diaz


M. Denise Diaz is running for Miles For Paws because, "I think it's an incredible cause that is near and dear to my heart. [The Alliance] uses their funds correctly in order to save our homeless animals with the proof to show for animals are rescues. My dog, Mama, is my doggie soulmate."


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Matthew Hall


Matthew Hall wants to support NYC's animals because: "Our family adopted our dog Lilly from Animal Care & Control of NYC on 110th Street, an affiliate of the Alliance. I joined the Miles For Paws team because dogs have been such a huge part of my life, and they truly are special animals. Raising money for this cause will help dogs like Lilly find homes, and help families like ours find new members of the family!"


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Maddison Hughes


Maddison Hughes' experience with animal rescue "has opened me up to many great people, pets, organizations, and causes, as well as provided me with a sense of accomplishment and a lot of joy. Animal rescue sheds a new light on environmental concerns, public policy, health benefits for pet owners, and the value of being kind to animals and people alike. I remain committed to helping as many animals as I can, and Miles For Paws is such a great opportunity for me to do that. By being a member of the team, I can provide awareness for NYC's animals and the wonderful organizations that work tirelessly to help them every day. I am proud to be fundraising for the Alliance because I believe in the work they do, and I also believe in our city. I believe that as a community we can set a higher standard for how animals are treated all over the world."


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Maciek Malinowski


Maciek Malinowski is proud to be partnering with the Alliance because "their mission coincides with my love and desire to help animals. I was always surrounded by pets growing up; our family proudly adopted four dogs and a cat. In this picture I'm holding the newest member of my family, ironically, a little Yorkie I found in the middle of the woods while training for the Marathon! She was wandering in the rain and when she saw me, she ran to me wiggling her whole body with excitement. Of course, I couldn't leave her behind! Without a second thought I picked her up and ran home three miles with her in my arms. She was cold, wet, and hungry! I posted pictures and ads for weeks, but no one came looking for her. I assumed we were meant to find each other, and so she stayed. Since I was training for the marathon and I found a "New York(ie)," I named her Marathonka, or Tonka for short. She motivates me... because every animal deserves to live and get a chance to find a loving home, especially since all animals do is bring happiness to human lives."


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Valerie Yates

Valerie Yates signed up for Miles For Paws in 2012 after hearing about Jack, the cat lost at JFK Airport. Valerie says, "It broke my heart to read the story and how many animals never had a chance. I vowed then to try and do something!" After training last year, she was disappointed that last year's ING NYC Marathon was canceled due to Superstorm Sandy, but she's back with a vengeance to run this year's race. "I am bugging everyone to support a cause dear to my heart! Our rescued kitties give us so much love and enjoyment, and every animal deserves a loving, warm, safe home. I wish every animal gets a happy ending."


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Miles For Paws


We're almost at the starting line! Please pledge your support for Team Miles For Paws today!



Thank you for your continued support.


Jane Hoffman, President

Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals 



P.S.: We hope you'll turn out to cheer our runners as they make their way along the ING New York City Marathon course. If you take photos of the race, please share them on Facebook or Twitter (@MayorsAlliance), or e-mail them to [email protected]





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