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Volunteers Needed for
ASPCA Emergency Boarding Facility 


Greetings!(Photo by ASPCA) 


We hope you're enjoying the holidays, and that you've been able to spend time with your friends and family.


For those of you who have been volunteering during the holidays, we hope you know how much we (and the animals) appreciate all the time and energy you have given.


As we move through the holidays, we need volunteers more than ever to help at the ASPCA's emergency boarding facility. The temporary facility has been providing much needed shelter and veterinary care for the animals of people who've lost their homes and more because of Hurricane Sandy. The facility continues to operate daily and is in great need of help over the New Year's Eve weekend, from today through January 7.


If you can volunteer one or more days at the facility in Brooklyn, please complete a quick Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Response survey. The survey will allow you to identify your volunteer shifts at the boarding facility. Shifts have been shortened, and now are from 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., including orientation. Lunch and beverages are provided. If you have questions after completing the survey, please e-mail hurricane@AnimalAllianceNYC.org.






On behalf of all of us at the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, thank you for all you do to help us save and re-home thousands of New York City's dogs and cats. 



Wishing you all the best in the 2013!



Roxana Petzold

Volunteer Coordinator for Emergency Boarding Facility, Sandy Response

Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals





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