June 3, 2016
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Human Resources Director Kandace Tappen

Haines City is hiring! Please visit us at hainescity.com/jobs to view a listing of positions open to receive applications.  When completed, your application and resume may be e-mailed to jobs@hainescity.com. For more information, please call Human Resources (863-421-9927). 

Parks & Recreation Director Auburn Taylor

Citrus Label Tour 
The City of Haines City is proud to announce the unveiling of the third label of the Citrus Label Tour between Haines City and the Haines City Citrus Growers Association taking place on June 9th at 6 PM at Railroad Park in downtown Haines City.

The unveiling of the Hill Top label will occur at the conclusion of a historical program, "Beyond Clay Cut - A History of Haines City." This is a presentation that will be held at the Haines City Public Library, from 5 PM to 6 PM, offered by the Haines City Historical Society in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Haines City's Public Library.

A partnership between the Florida Citrus Hall of FameVisit Central Florida and the Polk County History Center's History and Heritage Trail inspired the creation of the Citrus Label Tour of Polk County. This driving experience explores part of the historic marketing portion of citrus through the artistic labels that once adorned the wooden crates used to ship the fresh fruit off to northern markets in the early 1900s.

These two events are consistent with our City's Vision Statement:
"We are a community that celebrates our heritage and diversity while cultivating civic P.R.I.D.E. (Professionalism, Responsiveness, Integrity, Diversity and Ethics); we found our heartbeat in the 'Heart of Florida'...come find yours."

For more information, please contact Parks & Recreation (863-421-3700). We hope to see you there!

Parks & Recreation Director Auburn Taylor

Haines City Public Library 
The Haines City Public Library turns 100 years old on Friday, June 3rd and will hold three events this month to commemorate its centennial:
  • Friday, June 3rd - FREE Anniversary Cookies at the Library
  • Thursday, June 9th - "Beyond Clay Cut: A History of Haines City" | Presented by: Haines City Historical Society
  • Wednesday, June 15th - Kid's Heritage Storytelling 
Come visit us at 111 N 6th Street, Haines City, or contact us for more information (863-421-3633).

Lake Eva Aquatics
Lake Eva Aquatic Center is open! Please view our flyers below for more information regarding open & lap swim, operation hours, entrance fees & passes and swim lessons.

Parks & Recreation Director Auburn Taylor

Thunder on the Ridge
Haines City Parks & Recreation and Miracle Toyota are hosting Thunder on the Ridge this July 4th from 3 PM - 10 PM at Lake Eva Park. You won't want to miss all day live entertainment and Polk County's largest fireworks display!

Entertainment already lined up are Jill's Cashbox, Sweet Bea and the Boys and USSOCOM Parachute Demonstration Team "Para-Commandos" Stay tuned for more entertainers and events!

For more information, please contact Parks & Recreation (863-421-3700).

Utilities Director Mike Stripling
7 Rivers Water Festival
Haines City Water Utility and Public Works Stormwater Division participated in the "7 Rivers Water Festival" with Polk County Utilities on Saturday, May 7, 2016, at the Simmons Young Park in Winter Haven. This event is held annually to get the word out on how to conserve water, protect our lakes, focus on the fish and wildlife habitat care and much more! Haines City sponsored two booths for this event. 

The Stormwater Division also presented the Water Wagon, which demonstrated what happens to our lakes and rivers when care is not provided.  Haines City's famous "Slider the Turtle" was present and loved by all.  The Water Utility Division did color-on t-shirts, which was an enjoyable activity for the children, as well as for the adults. There were over 200 t-shirts that were given out at this fabulous event where families learned how to conserve the precious natural resource "WATER."

Utilities Director Mike Stripling

Haines City Wastewater Treatment Plant
Clifton Bernard 
Wastewater Superintendent
The Haines City Wastewater Treatment Facility is designed to treat domestic waste by physical, biological and chemical processes; however, industries often use heavy metals, chemicals, acids or other materials in their operations. In the sewer system, these materials have the potential to erode the sewer lines, produce explosive conditions and interfere with the treatment facilities. 

The Pretreatment Program focuses on reducing harmful pollutants discharged from industries to the POTWs that could interfere with the treatment process or pass through the treatment system. Local limits imposed by the program on industries ensure that the City of Haines City's Wastewater Treatment Plant meets their federally mandated discharge limits. The program also must monitor the quality of biosolids to ensure safe land application. 

Alvin Borges
Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator
Recently, Clifton Bernard, Wastewater Superintendent, advanced his expertise by receiving his Industrial Pretreatment Class "B" Certification, which will help him further in regulating the industries of Haines City. 

Alvin Borges, Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator, also has furthered his education by completing the Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) Management Program and is now ready to better manage FOG getting into the City's wastewater infrastructure. Clifton and Alvin have accomplished great achievements and are very confident. Moving forward, Haines City's Industrial Pretreatment Program will grow and be a success in helping this City be a great destination for businesses and residents alike.

Utilities Director Mike Stripling

Julio Xavier 
 Licensed Water Plant Operator
On February 19, 2016, Julio Xavier obtained his Class C Drinking Water License with the Department of Environmental Protection.  One of the of the requirements of becoming a Licensed Water Operator is to complete 2,080 hours of actual onsite Water Plant Training.  Julio was previously employed with Polk County Utilities as a Licensed Level II Water Distribution Service Worker II.  Julio's desire was to become a Licensed Water Plant Operator.  In May of 2015, Julio contacted the City of Haines City requesting to volunteer his time at the Water Treatment Plants in order to obtain his required hours.  During the time that Julio volunteered, he displayed professionalism and an eagerness to learn.  In August of 2015, a position became available for a Class C Drinking Water Operator and/or an Operator Trainee. After interviewing many candidates, Julio was chosen as the best candidate for the Operator Trainee position.  The Utilities Department would like to congratulate Julio on obtaining his Class C Drinking Water License along with acknowledging Julio as a very important part of our Utilities Team.  Congratulations Julio! 

Utilities Director Mike Stripling

On May 24, 2016, Haines City Utilities Director, Michael Stripling, was contacted and asked by a neighboring City for assistance in replacing a fire hydrant that had broken as a result of an automobile accident.

The Haines City Utilities Maintenance Division gathered quotes for the parts needed to make the repair.  Upon approval to proceed with the work, Haines City crew was sent out to make the necessary repairs.

The Pump and Motor Lead, Ray Leonard, and the Pipe Line Repair Lead, Patrick Gill, worked on replacing the fire hydrant.  It took the two men crew about 2 hours to complete the work.

Once the fire hydrant was in place, the crew had to back fill the hole that was created from the water before it could be shut down.  The crew also reinstalled a valve box on an in-line valve that was missing. 

Once the crew had completed the work and everything was ready, the neighboring city was notified that the fire hydrant was reinstalled and the water could be turned back on.

The Haines City Utilities Maintenance Division is called on by neighboring cities at times, they seek Haines City for advice on operations of plants, construction of infrastructure and technical questions.  When other neighboring cities are short in staff, Haines City sends a Plant Operator periodically to check on the operations of their plants.

Utilities Director Mike Stripling

Everyone in the Wastewater Division is pleased to see the progress with the new Accelerated Composting Facility located at the Wastewater Treatment Facility. This new process will be on the cutting edge of earth friendly technology. The Accelerated Composting system uses an innovative Aerated Static Pile (ASP) composting process (the Rutgers method) to control pile temperature and achieve ideal composting conditions. The forced-air system removes excess heat from the compost pile through on-demand forced air ventilation. Improved pile dynamics significantly decrease the time required for composting and improve compost quality and consistency. The process is odor-free from start to finish.  Also, the material that will be produced from this facility will have the following benefits:
  • Improved plant survival and growth rates.
  • The organic matter will improve the aggregate strength of soils, making soil more resistant to compaction.
  • Improvement of root penetration.
  • The organic matter helps plants establish and sustain growth.
  • Reduced nutrient loss (light textured and sandy soils possess a low cation exchange capacity (CEC), resulting in nutrient loss).  Adding this compost to the soil raises the CEC and enables the soil to better hold onto nutrients like potash and nitrogen which would otherwise leach out of the soil.
When the Accelerated Composting Facility is complete and starts operating the product, will further beautify Haines City and will help the city to continue to be a great place to live, work and play.

Utilities Director Mike Stripling

Maintenance Intermediate of Traffic Course
Annually, nearly 1,000 fatalities and 43,000 serious injuries occur in the United States as a result of vehicle accidents in work zones.

Haines City has several departments that work in the City right-of-ways alongside of lanes of traffic.  The Utilities Maintenance Division contacted Safety Links to come to Haines City and give a class on Florida Department of Transportation's approved Maintenance Intermediate of Traffic (MOT) course.

The Utilities Maintenance Division invited other departments within the City of Haines City (Public Works and Parks & Recreation) and other cities as well (Davenport and Dundee) to attend the class. 
Example of MOT Card

The objective of taking this course is to provide every team member involved in the work zone traffic control with training and education to ensure that the standards are followed in planning, designing, supervising, implementing and maintaining work zone traffic control. Every team member that completed the course and passed the exam, received a certificate of completion and an MOT card.

Example of MOT Certificate of Completion

Utilities Director Mike Stripling

Lunch and Learn Workshop - Florida Friendly Landscaping

Join us on Thursday, June 23rd from Noon to 1 PM, for a free lunchtime workshop at the Haines City Public Library, located at 111 N 6th Street, Haines City, FL 33844. In this workshop, you will learn about Florida-Friendly Landscaping and how to incorporate the principles into your landscape. Lunch is provided to registrants. Registration is required. Visit http://polkgardening.eventbrite.com to register.

Should you have further questions or need additional information, please call Haines City Utilities (863-421-3696).


WOW (Watched Outstanding Work!)

Relocating a Water Meter
The Utilities Department relocated a water meter that served the property at 651 West Main Street on May 17, 2016. For safety reasons, the meter was moved from the pedestrian walkway to a median across the street from City Hall.

Picture on the right are the Utilities crew involved in the meter relocation: Christopher Taylor - Program Technician, Bobby Harris - Pipeline Technician and William Lindsey - Plant Maintenance Worker.

The City of Haines City would like to thank all of our excellent, dedicated employees and volunteers who help make the City a great place to work, live and play. Have you "Watched Outstanding Work" within the City lately? Let us know at wow@hainescity.com.