March 3, 2016
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Public Works Director, Addie Javed

Haines City to Release 287 Carp for Lake Elsie Restoration Project
In an ongoing effort to restore the water and ecosystem in the lakes in Haines City, nearly 300 carp will be released into Lake Elsie, located just off Highway17-92 and Lake Elsie Dr., on Friday, March 4th at 9 AM.

"Our most precious natural resource is our water," said Haines City Manager, Jonathan Evans. "Ensuring clean water starts with our lakes, streams and aquifers long before it gets to our kitchen sinks, so we have an obligation to invest in the future of this resource."

During the release of the 287 Triploid Grass Carp, the Haines City Public Works Department will have its educational "Waterwagon" and spokesturtle, "Slider," who will do a presentation on water conservation and preservation. The City will also have Staff and volunteers on kayaks doing a lake clean-up in conjunction with the event. By releasing the Carp into Lake Elsie, the City will be able to get better control of Hydrilla, pond weed and grass that had once all but taken over the lake.

"We knew something had to before it got completely unmanageable," said Javed. "So we decided to reach out to experts in the field by putting the project out for bid."

In July 2015, City Staff did an initial assessment of Lake Elsie and sent a bid to several contracts in an effort to restore the lake's ecosystem. Applied Aquatics was contracted and began the removal of approximately 260 cubic yards of vegetation from the West shore line. Due to the amount of over-growth and removal, Applied Aquatics recommended that the City work with another contractor to introduce the carp, which would prevent future over-growth after the removal process. The total cost of the project is approximately $9,500. 

"A key point to note about these carp is that they are hybrid carp and unable to proliferate," said Public Works Director, Addie Javed. "So we get all the benefits of maintaining over-growth and restoring Lake Elsie's ecosystem without the detriment of non-native species taking over the ecosystem, like we have seen around the nation."

Similar efforts to restore the lakes in Haines City are already underway. Last July, during Lake Appreciation Month, more than 50 volunteers came out to help in a clean-up project at Lake Eva - located at Haines City's signature Lake Eva Park.

"Our goal is not only to restore our lakes, but to ensure and educate the community in the process," said Javed. "The public will see much more in the coming year to improve our lakes."

For more information about this event, please contact the Public Works Department at (863) 421-3777.

Public Works Director, Addie Javed

Hazardous Waste Day
The Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Polk County Waste and Recycling Division, will be hosting a Hazardous Waste Day Clean-up event at the Public Works facility, located at 300 North 5th Street, Haines City, on Saturday, March 5th from 9 AM - 1 PM.  

Residents will be able to bring hazardous items such as paint, batteries, electronics, etc. that are not typically disposed of during regular trash collection. Staff will be on site to help with unloading and sorting of waste collected.

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at (863) 421-3777.

Utilities Director, Michael Stripling

Utility Maintenance on the Move
Utility Maintenance personnel have been busy making adjustments and preparing for growth. The Team has been up to the task of installing in-line valves for reducing the amount of customers affected in the event of a water line break. By having these valves available, water leaks can be isolated and repaired more readily without having to shut off complete subdivisions.

The crews have also been relocating Fire Hydrants to make way for the Streets Department employees to make improvements to the sidewalks and crosswalks. These improvements will help make our downtown more accessible for pedestrians and handicapped citizens. 

Thanks to the employees of the Utility Maintenance Division for all you do!

Utilities Director, Michael Stripling

Haines City Water Quality
Water quality in some areas of the United States has become a national topic of conversation. In Haines City we welcome the discussion and take pride in our efforts to educate are citizens. Although lead and copper have long been a part of the makeup of many of the fixtures in our houses, like sink faucets and piping, the City of Haines City has consistently had results below the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Haines City utilizes water from the upper Floridan Aquifer that is relatively low in metals and total dissolved solids, in addition to that, Haines City adds a polyphosphate to the water that puts a protective coating on the inside of the fixtures that helps to protect the fixtures from leaching of the harmful metals into the water. lead and copper in our drinking water is largely a result of household plumbing fixtures leaching metals into the water.

In the early 1980's the Safe Drinking Water Act required all communities to test for lead and copper. The samples were taken by residents at their homes in order to determine the amount of lead and Copper at the tap.  In the beginning, the samples were required to be taken once a year and a city the size of Haines City had to take 60 samples from homes built prior to 1976 (Lead and Copper in plumbing fixtures after that date was restricted). Haines City samples indicated small levels of lead and copper in these early samples. One of the solutions to the lead and copper issues were to add a polyphosphate blend to the water. This blend helps to coat the interior of the water lines in the city system and the interior of the plumbing of your home, thus keeping the lead and copper from leaching into the drinking water. Since the addition of the polyphosphate in the late 1980's Haines City has consistently met the requirements of the safe drinking water act and has had the requirement to sample 60 sites per year reduced to 30 sites every three years. Information on lead and copper is included in the Consumer Confidence Report every year and is available on our website at

For more information regarding the City of Haines City Water Quality please contact Linda Fisher, Water Superintendent at 

City Clerk, Linda Bourgeois


Contact: Linda Bourgeois     
Title: City Clerk
Phone: (863) 421-9921                      
Haines City 2016 Municipal Election
Haines City, FL - February 19, 2016
The City of Haines City will have an election on Tuesday, April 5, 2016.
The qualifying period has ended and the following individuals have been declared qualified.  All candidates are listed in alphabetical order.
Seat #3
LaRon Rodriquez Adams
Ronnie Cotton
Morris Lee West
Seat #4
Jim Kipp
H.L. "Roy" Tyler
In addition, there will be four (4) Charter Amendments presented for consideration.
This proposed amendment would allow for the municipal elections to be established by Ordinance.

Shall the above described Amendment be adopted?
            YES ____                                NO ____
This proposed amendment would allow for the seating of the elected officials to be seated in the month following the election.

Shall the above described Amendment be adopted?
            YES ____                                NO ____
This proposed amendment would require the City Clerk to be appointed by the City Commission.
Shall the above described Amendment be adopted?
            YES ____                                NO ____
The proposed amendment would increase the required amount of time for a run-off or special election to occur from within ten (10) days to within thirty (30) days.

Shall the above described Amendment be adopted?
            YES____                                 NO ____

About Haines City
Incorporated in 1914, Haines City is nestled in the "Heart of Florida" and is home to more than 22,000 year-round and seasonal residents. Haines City was ranked the number one location for "vacation home deals" and "golf nuts" by CNN Money, second in Florida for cost of living by, third in the nation for the "Most Affordable Snowbird Destinations" by, and third out of the "5 Best Places to Picnic in Polk [County]" by The Ledger. The City set a Guinness World Record for the most sparklers lit simultaneously and is home to the world-class IRONMAN 70.3 Florida, Thunder on the Ridge Fourth of July celebration, Southern Dunes Golf and Country Club, and located just outside of Orlando's major theme parks. We found our heartbeat in the "Heart of Florida"...come find yours.

Assistant Police Chief, Brian McNulty

ReadingPals Program
Since January 2016, several employees from the Haines City Police Department have participated in the ReadingPals Program through United Way of Central Florida, which is a program that focuses on ensuring children have been exposed to the wonders of literature and are reading at grade level by the end of third grade.
Members of the Haines City Police Department dedicate one hour a week for up to 25 weeks to read to four children at Alta Vista Elementary School. We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to help these kindergarten students reach their full potential. They are this nation's future! 

For more infromation on how you too can participate in the ReadingPals Program, please contact Sylvia Palmer at or (863) 648-1500 ext. 278.

WOW (Watched Outstanding Work!)

The City of Haines City would like to thank all of our excellent, dedicated employees and volunteers who help make the City a great place to work, live and play. Have you "Watched Outstanding Work" within the City lately? Let us know at