May 16, 2015


Honorable Mayor, City Commissioners, City and the Community:


The purpose of this letter is to express my gratitude and appreciation for allowing me to serve as your City Manager since May 16, 2013.  Even though the appointment was as "Acting City Manager," it was undoubtedly one of the most challenging yet rewarding times of my life. So many times, we as professionals fail to recognize those who have given us opportunity after opportunity and have mentored us along our journey toward reaching our goals. I will be the first one to say "Thank You" to our elected officials for believing in a relatively young public administrator who had no formal experience as a City Manager but wanted to serve this community with vigor, energy and professionalism. Understanding that the decision you, our elected officials, made was probably one of your most difficult decisions, I thank you so much for believing in me and providing me this opportunity.


Secondly, all the individuals in my life-my family, my friends and my loved ones-have remained steadfast and committed to ensure that they are always there, no matter how daunting or challenging the task. Words cannot express my appreciation and heartfelt emotion that you have seen firsthand. Thank you for always encouraging me to remain focused and committed. Thirdly, to the exceptional workforce, both past and present, I thank you for your tireless and unwavering service to our residents. It is not me that makes this organization run, but more so it is we-a committed and focused unit intended to be the best that we can possibly be. You have taught me so much; the public and our elected officials are all extremely proud of the work that you do day in and day out, irrespective of inclement weather or personal fatigue. You serve only for the purpose of making Haines City a better place than it was the day before, and we thank you so much for what you do.


Lastly, to the community, I appreciate your guidance and perspectives. Even though we may philosophically disagree, you embrace me as your administrator and have helped me grow to be better daily. Your words of encouragement have been exceptional and very encouraging as we as a team attempt to tackle some of the most challenging issues currently facing municipal government. It is not one City Manager or one department director; it's the team.  It's an organization that believes in shared sacrifice and that no individual part is greater than the collective sum. Even though my official two-year anniversary date as City Manager is September 19, 2013, this day will always be important to me. For it is the day that I was given an opportunity to serve a great community, and more importantly, the chance to lead an Executive Management Team-a team of individuals that has become not only my employees but also my family. 


Humbly submitted,


Jonathan E. Evans, MPA, MBA, ICMA-CM

City Manager

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"Our team of professionals will provide our residents and business community with the highest quality services in a fiscally responsible manner through cooperation, strong ethical leadership with a lifelong commitment to enriching lives."

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