February 26, 2015
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Valued Merchants, Business Owners, City Residents, and Neighbors:


The City of Haines City has created an online survey intended to engage you, our residents, business owners and visitors. This survey is for you to provide your input pertaining to City services and what you value most in Haines City. As of today, only 97 responses have been received, that is merely 0.00431% of Haines City's population. I encourage you to take this survey, as it is a tool for City Administration and the City Commission to hear your opinion on City Services, this is not a scientific survey. Your participation is crucial in helping us move Haines City forward. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.


Please submit your survey no later than 5 PM, on April 10, 2015. Thank you again for your participation.   


Take the Haines City Community Value Survey Here. 


Respectfully Submitted,



 Jonathan E. Evans, MPA, ICMA-CM

City Manager


Our Mission

"Our team of professionals will provide our residents and business community

with the highest quality services in a fiscally responsible manner

through cooperation, strong ethical leadership

with a lifelong commitment to enriching lives."



Ribs on the Ridge

The largest competition sanctioned by the Florida Barbecue Association, Ribs on the Ridge is also a Jack Daniel's qualifier, and is open to the public!


Date: Friday & Saturday, February 27-28, 2015

Time:  Friday 5 PM - 9 PM & Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM

Location:  Lake Eva Park, 555 Ledwith Avenue


On February 27-28, 2015, in affiliation with the Florida Barbecue Association, the Haines City Leisure Services Department will host Ribs on the Ridge at Lake Eva Park. This event will draw barbecue teams from across Florida and other states. Professional and amateur teams will compete for cash prizes, trophies and bragging rights. This is also an opportunity to expose local residents to the art of outdoor barbecue cooking. 


In addition to the professional and amateur barbecue divisions, other competitions planned are a sauce competition and a dessert contest on Friday evening, and Kid's-Q division on Saturday. These are open to the public and applications may be obtained from the City's website. Scheduled activities that include live entertainment featuring local bands will round out the festivities.


Whether you are a backyard cook BBQer, a professional, or would just like to enjoy good barbecue, we invite you to join us in the fun. 


For additional information please contact the Leisure Services Department at (863) 421-3700.


Ribs on the Ridge T-Shirts

T-Shirts will be available for purchase at the Community Center on Thursday, February 26, 2015, from 8 AM - 8 PM, as well as during the event on Friday, February 27th and Saturday, February 28th.  The prices are as follows:


  • Small-XLarge: $10.00
  • 2XL: $11.00
  • 3XL: $12.00
  • 4XL: $13.00 (Limited Quantity)







Up-Coming Events Calendar

WOW (Watched Outstanding Work!)

Protecting our Lakes

We all enjoy the outdoors and the activities that go with it. Some of those activities are being on the water. Whether it's boating, skiing, swimming or fishing we want to be able to enjoy our activity and know that our environment is clean and healthy.


The Stormwater division has recently install cover guards over some inlets to help prevent litter from entering into Lake Eva. It is very important for to us to do everything we can to keep our lakes in top condition. These new guards will be monitored throughout rain events and any litter can be collected before it has a chance to get into our lake.



Please join in and help us keep Haines City and our lakes clean and litter free. Put litter in its place.


The City of Haines City would like to thank all of our excellent, dedicated employees and volunteers who help make the City a great place to work, live and play. If you have "Watched Outstanding Work" within the City, please let us know at wow@hainescity.com.



Official Hosts of the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) 

We Need Your Support! During the week of March 8, 2015, some of the best police dogs in the State of Florida will travel to Haines City to participate in the USPCA Regional Trials. These highly skilled and expertly trained police dogs will be competing against one another as they are judged on their performances to seek out and find illegal drugs and showcase their patrol skills. 


We Need Your Support, as the host agency, the Haines City Police Department is looking for sponsorship to make this regional event a huge success for both our police dogs and our community. We are offering advertisement sales, which will be placed in our events guide and distributed to the officers and everyone who attends our public demonstration on the night of March 12, 2015. For more information, please contact Sergeant Nicholas Harrison (863) 221-2459.



 2015 Regional Donation Flyer


Neighborhood Cleanup

Help Keep Haines City Beautiful! The Haines City Police Department is hosting a neighborhood cleanup on Saturday, March 7, 2015, 7 AM-12 PM at the Haines City Police Department COPS Station located at 1008 Avenue D.  If you would like to participate, please sign-up by 7 AM on March 7th.  Lunch will follow cleanup. For more information, or to provide your shirt size, please call Lt. Keva Harris (863) 557-2281.
Tips from Public Safety Director, Richard Sloan

Clothes Dryer Do's and Don'ts 

Taking care of your clothes dryer is important for home fire safety.  Here are some helpful do's and don'ts to keep your clothes dryer in working condition and your family safe from a dryer fire.

Clothes Dryer Do's



  • Have your clothes dryer installed by a professional.
  • Make sure the correct electrical plug and outlet are used and that the dryer is connected properly.
  • Read manufacturers' instructions and warnings in the use and care manuals that come with new dryers.


  • Clean the lint filter before and after each load of laundry.  Don't forget to clean the back of the dryer where lint can build up.  In addition, clean the lint filter with a nylon brush at least every six months or more if it becomes clogged.
  • Clean lint out of the vent pipe every three months.
  • Have your dryer cleaned regularly by a professional, especially if it is taking longer than normal for clothes to dry.


  • Inspect the venting system behind the dryer to ensure it is not damaged or restricted.
  • Put a covering on the outside wall dampers to keep out rain and dirt.
  • Make sure the outside vent cover opens when the dryer is on.
  • Replace coiled-wire foil or plastic venting with rigid, non-ribbed metal duct.
  • Have gas-powered dryers inspected every year by a professional to ensure that the gas line and connection are together and free of leaks.
  • Check regularly to make sure nests of small animals and insects are not blocking the outside vent.
  • If you will be away from home for an extended time, unplug or disconnect the dryer.

Clothes dryer don'ts 

  • Don't use a clothes dryer without a lint filter or with a lint filter that is loose, damaged, or clogged.
  • Don't overload the dryer.
  • Don't use a wire screen or cloth to cover the wall damper.  They can collect lint and clog the dryer vent.
  • Don't dry anything containing foam, rubber or plastic.  An example of an item not to place in the dryer is a bathroom rug with a rubber backing.
  • Don't dry items for which manufacturers' instructions state "dry away from heat."
  • Don't dry glass fiber materials (unless manufacturers' instructions allow).
  • Don't dry items that have come in contact with anything flammable like alcohol, cooking oils or gasoline.  Dry these items outdoors or in a well-ventilated room, away from heat.
  • Don't leave a clothes dryer running if you leave home or when you go to bed.



The City is currently recruiting for the following positions: 

For more information about these positions and application instructions, please visit us at www.hainescity.com/employment.


Special Event Signage 

On October 16, 2014, the City Commission amended the sign regulations to allow special event signage up to four (4) times a year.  The process is very simple, just stop by our Permitting Office located at City Hall, and fill out a permit for Special Event Signage. You will need to indicate when you would like the Special Event signage, the type of signage and the location.  Currently, there is no fee, and when you receive your permit you may have Special Event signage for up to 14 days at a time and up to 4 times a year (1 period every 3 months). 



In addition, if you are opening a new business, you are allowed to have a "Grand Opening Event" for up to 30 days, the fee is part of your new Business Tax Receipt.  You will also need to apply for a permit and provide the same information required for a Special Event.


For more information, please call Development Services and ask for Sign Regulation Information (863) 419-3230.





For just $35, you can purchase a custom-inscribed 4 X 8 inch paver at Haines City's Military Court of Honor. Newly purchased pavers are installed twice a year. Purchases made between now and May 8, 2015 will be installed by Memorial Day. Purchases made after May 8th will be installed by Veterans Day 2015.



City of Haines City
Court of Honor Paver
620 E. Main Street

Haines City, FL 33844