Happy Thanksgiving

Season's Greetings from 
the City of Haines City

On behalf of the Mayor, the City Commission, and all the employees of the City of Haines City, we wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous Thanksgiving. We are truly thankful this holiday season to have the opportunity to work for you, the residents and visitors of this community, thank you for allowing us to serve you. 


Rest assured, we are truly humbled by the opportunities that have been presented to us, and every day we strive to be the very best we can possibly be. Our elected leaders are committed to ensuring that Haines City continues to grow responsibly by making the right decisions that are intended to create jobs, reduce cost, and elevate Haines City to new and exciting heights. Our team of professionals is utterly remarkable, and we should be grateful and thankful for the professionals that we have in this organization. Therefore, if you happen to come across some of our employees working during this holiday season, I urge you to simply say "thank you." Such a gesture means a lot and goes a long way. As some of the employees are away from their families and loved ones during this holiday season, your kind words would mean a lot. 


In closing, I ask that you keep our military personnel in your thoughts and prayers as they fight for the freedoms that we uniformly enjoy in the greatest country in the world. It is because of their sacrifices that you and I can enjoy the start of this holiday season. Let us never forget the fine folks who wear the uniforms of the greatest fighting force in the world, the United States Armed Services. Also, please remember those who have served, and share a kind word with them as well because our veterans have endured so much for us all. Again, thank you for supporting us. On behalf of the Mayor, the City Commission, and all the employees of Haines City, we wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.


Respectfully submitted,


Jonathan E. Evans, MPA, ICMA-CM

City Manager


Our Mission

"Our team of professionals will provide our residents and business community with the highest quality services in a fiscally responsible manner through cooperation, strong ethical leadership with a lifelong commitment to enriching lives."

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