August 14, 2014
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The City of Haines City presents our 2nd Annual Latino Festival on Saturday, September 27, 2014, from 3 PM - 9 PM at Lake Eva Park, located at 555 Ledwith Avenue in Haines City. 


This year's event will share Latino traditions as we come together to celebrate the tremendous sounds, sights and tastes of the Latino culture. Attendees can dance to live music, taste authentic foods, and shop the marketplace for great arts and crafts.


For additional information contact the Haines City Leisure Services Department at (863) 421-3700. 


Up-Coming Events Calendar

  • Back to School Bash & Health Fair - August 16, 2014, at Trinity Worship Center International Ministries
  • Latino Festival - September 27th at Lake Eva Park
  • Habitat For Humanity 5K - September 20th at Lake Eva Park
  • Run or Dye - October 11th at Lake Eva Park
  • Veteran's Day Celebration - November 11th at Railroad Park
Employment Opportunities 
The City is currently recruiting for the following positions:
WOW (Watched Outstanding Work!)

The City of Haines City would like to thank all of our excellent, dedicated employees and volunteers who help make the City a great place to work, live and play. If you have "Watched Outstanding Work" within the City, please let us know at

Police Chief / Interim Fire Chief Rick Sloan
Tips to Keep Your Child Safe



To keep your child safe, ensure that they know:

  • Their name, address and telephone number (including area code).
  • That they should not provide their name, address, telephone number or name of their school to a person they don't know.
  • How to dial 911 and describe an emergency situation.
  • The route you expect them to take to and from school.
  • That you have to know where they are at all times.
  • That they must ask you if they are allowed to go outside or another location.
  • That they must call you if their plans change.

The "No" List


It is important to teach your children that they can say no or refuse the request of adults or other children who ask them to do something that is wrong or makes them feel uncomfortable.



  • Say no to responding to a stranger who asks for directions or help.
  • Say no to answering the door when home alone.
  • Say no if someone invites you into their home or car without your parent's permission.
  • Say no if offered a gift from a stranger or acquaintance.
  • Say no to meeting someone who contacts you online.
  • Say no if someone who tries to touch you without permission or make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Say no, scream, fight and runaway if a person is attempting to pull you into a car, house or other location.


If your child is missing

  • Conduct a search: your home, neighborhood, nearby schools, shopping centers, friends' homes, and social networking accounts.
  • Call your local police. Remember, there is no waiting period to report a person as missing!
  • Provide police with a recent photograph of your child.
  • Provide the local police with your child's fingerprint card, dental and medical records.


Tips for parents on how to keep your children safe

  • Never leave your children alone in a car.
  • Do not visibly write your children's name on their clothing, jewelry, backpacks or toys.
  • Notice when someone pays undue attention to your children, even if it is a family member or friend.
  • Know who your children's friends are and maintain a list of their parent's names and phone numbers.
  • Encourage your children to communicate their feelings, and never belittle any fear or concern they have, real or imaginary.
  • Role play with your children: help them practice what to do if they are alone and/or are approached by a stranger.
  • Teach your children to look for a police officer, store employee or mother with children to assist them if they become lost.
  • Always keep a current photo of your children.
  • Have your children fingerprinted and keep the cards in a safe place.
  • Know where to obtain your children's dental and medical records.
  • Check the Florida sex offender website and sign up to receive notifications when a sex offender moves into your area.
  • When your children are traveling, know the license plate number of the vehicle they are traveling in, who they will be with, where they are going, which route they plan to take and what time they should be expected to return.


Police Chief / Interim Fire Chief Rick Sloan

Employees of the Month

The Police Department co-employees of the month are from the C.O.P.'s Unit.  Officer Nicholas Klos and Officer Edinson Echeverry combined to make 22 arrests, seized approximately one pound of marijuana, 15 grams of cocaine, and seized $2000 in cash.  Their approach to community policing is invaluable and are to be commended for a job well done.


Code Compliance 

The Police Department is excited to announce that Code Enforcement will be joining the team at the PD.  Their new title is now Code Compliance. 


Traffic Trailer 

The Haines City Police Department Traffic Trailer has recently undergone some changes which includes a wrap educating the community on the dangers of drinking and driving, speeding, texting while driving, and not using their seat-belts.  Photos of the new look of the trailer are below:





Haines City's New Population is 21,956

Last week the City of Haines City received the April 1, 2014, population estimate from the BEBR (Bureau of Economic and Business Research) from the University of Florida.  This represents a population increase of 1,396 from the April 1, 2010 Census.  Staff is currently reviewing the estimates to confirm that these numbers are consistent with the number of new housing units constructed in the City since 2010.  These numbers are important because they factor into the amount of revenue that the City of Haines City will receive from State and Federal programs.


Peninsular Ridge Subdivision - Ready for Home Construction

Community Development Staff received the Final Plat application for the Peninsular Ridge subdivision.  The property is located at the northeast corner of 5th Street and State Road 544.  Twelve (12) lots are proposed, with a minimum lot size of 10,000 Square Feet (SF), a minimum house size of 2,100 SF with a minimum 400 SF garage (as required by the R-1AX zoning in place for the site).  The site is one of our "zombie subdivisions" in that it was constructed prior to the economic downturn.  After review and approval by City Staff, The Plat will be presented to the City Commission for action within the next few weeks.


6 Projects are beginning to Emerge

Haines City has recently had a slight resurgence in pending development projects.  There are six different "zombie subdivisions" within the City Limits which have recently started to raise from the dead; so to speak.  These subdivisions are Bella Dane, Liberty Bluff, Balmoral Castle (previously Carol's Cove), the Resort and Country Club at Lake Charles (previously Silverwater), Bonnies Landing, and the Jahna Sand Mine (previously Lake Marion Planned Unit Development).  Staff gave the City Commission the news at their Commission Meeting on July 17, 2014.   See the map below for their locations:


Bella Dane is being designed to accommodate a mixed-use residential and commercial development.  It will have 80 town-homes, 348 apartments, and a remaining area just a little over 4 acres for new commercial development.


Liberty Bluff will be improved as a planned unit development containing almost 250 apartments with supporting recreational amenities.


Balmoral Castle is in the early planning stages and once complete will feature 270 single-family homes within a gated community and ranging from$250,000-$400,000.  This community will also have supporting recreational amenities.


The Resort and Country Club at Lake Charles, once complete, will feature 558 single-family short term rental units, with supporting recreational activities such as a beach along Lake Charles and park.


Bonnies Landing is in the process of being designed to feature over 65 acres of high density residential uses.  This development will have mainly residential units.


The Jahna Sand Mine has purchased parts of the Lake Marion PUD and in the short-term will expand their sand mining operation, then down the road in the future will develop the area for mixed use development. The mixed-use development will start once the sand mining has been completed, and will have residential units as well as commercial units in the finished development.


If all of these pending developments become a reality they would represent a total of 1506 dwelling units or approximately 4,000 additional Haines City residents.


Employee Recognition

On September 19, 2013, the Haines City Commission approved that all City staff were allowed to grow beards in honor of the City's Centennial Celebration.  Employees who elected to participate were permitted to let their beards grow until July 2014.  We are very pleased to announce that William Bojo was the winner of the beard growing contest.  The City of Haines City would like to thank William Bojo and all other employees who participated in this contest to celebrate our Centennial Year.


William Bojo (Before)

William Bojo (After)

Back to School Bash

Trinity Worship Center will be hosting their Annual Back 2 School Bash & Health Fair Saturday, August 16, 2014, from 9 AM - 3 PM. Come in for you free HIV awareness, diabetes testing, haircuts and school supplies. This event will be held at 2795 N. 10th Street, Haines City.



Special Program - Supervisor of Election Lori Edwards will be at the Library Thursday, September 4, 2014, at 10:30 AM in the Community Room. Topics below will be discussed and followed up by a question and answer session.

  • Items on the November Ballot
  • The four amendments and what a "yes" or "no" on those items mean
  • Current voting trends
  • The voting process
  • Secrecy and security of voters ballots
  • Becoming a team member for upcoming elections


Girls Youth Volleyball: Registration has started for the 2014 Girls Youth Volleyball League. The league is for girls who are currently in grades 5th - 8th. To register, bring the following list of items to the Lake Eva Community Center:

  • a parent/guardian's photo ID
  • proof of child's medical insurance
  • a report card from the last school year or a print out from the school showing child's name, date and current grade level. 

Registration fee is $30.00 per child.  All games will begin mid-late September.


Adult Volleyball:

We are now accepting team registrations for the fall Adult Volleyball League. The fee is $150.00 per team (12 players MAX). All games will begin mid-late September.


If you would like information on how to become a team sponsor, youth volleyball coach or volunteer please call the Haines City Community Center.


For more information about Girls Youth Volleyball, Adult Volleyball and/or sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, please contact Jill Latimer at (863) 421-9959 or


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"Our team of professionals will provide our residents and business community with the highest quality services  in a fiscally responsible manner through cooperation, strong ethical leadership with a lifelong commitment to enriching lives."
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