July 25, 2014
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The City of Haines City presents our 2nd Annual Latino Festival on Saturday, September 27, 2014, from 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM at Lake Eva Park, located at 555 Ledwith Avenue in Haines City. 


This year's event will share Latino traditions as we come together to celebrate the tremendous sounds, sights and tastes of the Latino culture. Attendees can dance to live music, taste authentic foods, and shop the marketplace for great arts and crafts.


For additional information contact the Haines City Leisure Services Department at (863) 421-3700. 


Up-Coming Events Calendar

  • Ridge League of Cities - September 11th at the Lake Eva Banquet Hall 
  • Latino Festival - September 27th at Lake Eva Park
  • Habitat For Humanity 5K - September 20th at Lake Eva Park
  • Run or Dye - October 11th at Lake Eva Park
  • Veteran's Day Celebration - November 11th at Railroad Park
Employment Opportunities 
The City is currently recruiting for the following positions:
WOW (Watched Outstanding Work!)

Railroad Crossing Repair

The Railroad Crossing on Detour Road was damaged on Monday, July 21, 2014, due to unstable railroad ties that were beneath concrete pads next to the rails. There are a total of eight concrete pads with four on each side of the tracks. The pads are held in place by pins, which are inserted through the pad and into the railroad ties. Because of damage to the ties, the pads became loose and, as a result, one of the pads became dislodged. Streets and Stormwater team members responded quickly to the site and work began immediately to make the necessary repairs in order to keep the road open through the night. 


On Tuesday, July 22, 2014, the Haines City Public Works Crew was back on site. Detour Road was closed from CR 544 south to Bannon Island Road from 8 AM to 3 PM as the remaining pads were removed and temporary repairs were made to the entire crossing. This area is now on schedule for daily inspection. Ed Trail, John Brewer, Duane Jahns, Courtney Miller, Clyde Foster and Richard Myers preformed an outstanding job. Thank you for your quick response, hard work and dedication.    


The City of Haines City would like to thank all of our excellent, dedicated employees and volunteers who help make the City a great place to work, live and play. If you have "Watched Outstanding Work" within the City, please let us know at wow@hainescity.com.

Police Chief / Interim Fire Chief Rick Sloan
Tips for keeping your home safe while on vacation 
  • Consider hiring a house/pet sitter or contact a trusted friend/family member to stop by and check on the residence.
  • Contact the Post Office and have them stop delivery until you return. The USPS will hold mail from 3 to 30 days.
  • If you receive a newspaper, contact them and stop service for the dates you are gone.
  • Make your home look lived in. Invest in timers for your lights, both interior and exterior, maybe even for your TV.
  • If you are going away for an extended period, make sure the yard is mowed while you are away. This gives your home that lived in appearance.
  • Make sure that all doors and windows are secured and locked.
  • Do not broadcast your vacation on social media sites.
  • Invest in a good alarm system. 


Wendy's Construction Update 

On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, the Planning Department received building construction plans for the new Wendy's Restaurant, to be located at the Southeast Corner of Commerce Avenue and US Highway 27.  Wendy's plans are to construct their "New Architecture + Branding Design". 


This store will have 75 seats and contain 3,415 Square Feet.  The project is also currently undergoing site plan review; by reviewing site development and building construction plans simultaneously, this allows the developer to "fast track" the review process and reduces the time to approve projects.  Wendy's is planning on opening this store in early December. 


Above: The rendering that represents Wendy's new Architecture


Location Proposed for New K-8th Grade School

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, Community Development Staff participated in a School Site Selection Committee Meeting with the School Board, Polk County, the Regional Planning Council, and Davenport Staff to discuss possible locations for a proposed K-8th grade school in the Four Corners area.  Six sites were discussed, all of which were located along US Highway 27, north of I-4 (please see attached map).  During the meeting, staff emphasized the importance of not locating a school next to an arterial highway (such as US Highway 27), based on the concerns with traffic and access that have occurred at Alta Vista Elementary.


Sites "C" and "D" were identified for further study.  The next step in this process will be for Regional Planning Council staff, working for the School Board, to conduct further research and analysis as to the viability of these sites. The next meeting is expected to occur in early September.


The eventual construction of this school (which is expected to open in three years), along with the addition of a new wing (22 classrooms) at Horizons Elementary, will address some of the concerns regarding overcrowding at Haines City schools, but is not expected to address school facility needs generated by future development.


Above: Polk County Proposed School Sites


Nutrient Separating Box




This Nutrient Separating Baffle Box (pictured above) is located at Lake Eva Park just east of the boat ramp area.


How it Works: 

Stormwater flows from upstream inlets into the Nutrient Separating Baffle Box. Litter, debris and vegetation are captured in the screen system and kept separate from the static water. Sediments settle into the lower chambers in the bottom of the box. Oils floating along the top of the water are captured by an absorbent boom. The result is cleaner water which flows out of the baffle box into Lake Eva. 

A Look Inside:

The Stormwater Pollution Problem

Stormwater can carry pollutants, such as: debris, sediments and excess nutrients that impair precious water-bodies in the environment. Stormwater run-off is a major source of pollution and negatively impacts many native species of fish, plants and animals. Drainage run-off from the streets and impervious surfaces enters the area storm curb inlets and flows untreated through underground stormwater pipes that discharge directly into Lake Eva.


Pictured below, Stormwater crew members Clyde Foster and Richard Myers clean debris and sediments from the baffle box screen system with the use of the vactor truck. The baffle box is inspected monthly and after every heavy rain event. 





July 21 - July 25, 2014, will be filled with interactive activities for you and your child to participate in. Join us for a fun time and finish off the week with a movie. Please be sure to check the calendar for our regular story time.


Tampa Taiko Drums

Come hear the drums and make some noise at the library.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Haines City Public Library   


It's Science Time!

Come learn about Sound

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Haines City Public Library


Friday Afternoon Movie

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters  

Friday, July 25, 2014 at 2 PM    

Haines City Public Library    


For more information please contact the library at (863) 421-3633 



2014 Girls Youth Volleyball League

Registration has started for the 2014 Girls Youth Volleyball League. The league is for girls who are currently in grades 5th - 8th. To register, come to the Lake Eva Community Center with your parent/guardian's photo ID, proof of child's medical insurance, and a report card from the last school year OR a print out from the school showing the child's name, date and current grade level. The registration fee is $30.00 per child.  All games will begin mid-late September.


Adult Volleyball

We are now accepting team registrations for the fall Adult Volleyball League. The fee is $150.00 per team (12 players MAX). All games will begin mid-late September.



Team sponsors, volunteer volleyball coaches, and score table volunteers

For more information about Girls' Volleyball, Adult Volleyball, and/or sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, please contact Jill Latimer at (863) 421-9959 or email jlatimer@hainescity.com.

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"Our team of professionals will provide our residents and business community with the highest quality services  in a fiscally responsible manner through cooperation, strong ethical leadership 
with a lifelong commitment to enriching lives."
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