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Salinas City Council
District 3
20 Dickens Circle
Salinas, CA 93901

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Dennis Donohue endorses Steve McShane for City Council
Dennis Donohue endorses Steve McShane for City Council

Summer is here and the Primary Election is over. Meanwhile, we still have our eyes on the end of summer, the filing deadline of August 8th. We're still campaigning strong with the hope that no one announces.  It's supporters like you that keep this campaign going. As time goes on I'm striving more and more to make this newsletter look outside myself and become a valuable outlet for information in the community and local government.  With the recent election, another coming in November, and so much happening within the city, there's never been a better time to show people Salinas from the perspective of a city councilman.


Thank you for sticking with us through a whirlwind campaign season. Keep in touch with us on Facebook, email, and in person, I really love you!



Steve McShane 
Salinas City Councilman 
District 3 

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"A Taste Of Salinas"
A Cooking Class at the Private Residence
of Councilman Steve McShane

Wednesday, July 30, 6:30-9:30pm

Join supporters at the private home of Steve McShane for this very special night of culinary delight! Learn the secret recipes of professional local chefs as they prepare an amazing meal for you course by course. Who needs the Food Network when you can smell and taste the real thing!


Reserve your spot now as space is very limited. Sponsorship opportunities are available, contact campaign manager, Eric Andresen at


Student $40 // Supporter $99 // Donor $250 // Sponsor $500


Online Reservations Available at


 Bahama Grille Wine Dinner Wrap-Up



Neighbors, friends, and supporters joined Councilman Steve McShane for a fun evening at Bahama Grille on Tuesday June 10th. Guests enjoyed an exclusive dinner featuring local wines by Shale Canyon Wines with special food pairings by Michael Lipe. A great time was had by all - Thank you for your support! 


VIEW, TAG, and LIKE event photos here:

B-29 Comes Through Salinas


A few weekends ago Steve snuck out to the Salinas Airport to see the Air Power Tour as they came through town. Not many people seem to know they were here, but you could not miss the droning B-29 as it flew overhead. Amazingly, the WWII era bomber is the only flying B-29 in the world.


When the Air Show isnt in town it's easy to forget that the Airport is still active and an incredible resource to the area. Thank you to the chamber of commerce and the Air Power Tour for reminding us!


VIEW and LIKE B-29 photos here:

Capitol One Building

As many have heard the county is considering buying the Capitol One building - a move which nearly all downtown businesses are adamantly against. KSBW has been doing a good job keeping tabs on things and Steve had a chance to say his piece last week.
There's lots of work to be done and Steve is making sure we do everything we can to keep the County close to downtown.
Fireworks in Salinas


Fireworks are an area of contention in Salinas, even amongst the leaders of the City. Some people wants an all out ban, others think it is a great addition to community and a help to non-profits. It's a complex issue that I had the pleasure of writing about for the Californian and one that affects many in my Distsrict.


Read Steve's article from The Californian on his website:

Monterey Bay Unified
Air Pollution Control District


The MBUAPCD is planning on raising their fees by $0.12 a household. It's a small increase, but Steve makes sure to stay aware of changes like this and thought you might want to as well.


Read more about the fee increase on our website: 

New Rotary Club on Central Coast


The new Santa Lucia Rotary had their Memorial Day meeting at my nursery. The Rotary is doing some great things, with a trip planned to go to Peru to help abused girls and lots of local community activism. We really appreciate the support of all you Rotarians.


Learn more about Rotary International:


An effort to seek political office is not cheap. We would truly appreciate any amount of financial support you can pledge to Steve's campaign. You can donate today by visiting our SECURE online donation form here:


Lending your name in support of Steve is very important to showing a public message that you believe in his leadership and vision for the City of Salinas. Please add your name to the list of Steve's many supporters behind his cause here:

Join The Team

A group of dedicated friends and community leaders are meeting on a regular basis to direct efforts to get Steve re-elected. We would love to have your support. To join our "Kitchen Cabinet", please send an email to campaign manager Eric Andresen at

Did You Know, Salinas?


Did you know that the first Mayor of Salinas' house is now a musuem? Built in 1868 it has literally been picked up and moved three times, finally finding it's home next to the railroad station at the intersection of Market and Salinas St. Its restoration was a painstaking process based on photographs and even the digital recreation of the original wallpaper discovered when scraping paint from the walls. Now it serves as an historical time capsule used to teach children about the history of Salinas and the importance of learning from the past.


Learn more at their website:

Steve loves to cook. He is especially fond of cooking food that came right out of his garden. For as much as he likes a hearty meal, he enjoys a fantastic treat. Every month we will share one of his favorite recipes.  
This Month's Featured Recipe:
Steve's Killer Toffee Almond Sensation  


One Christmas I decided to make some of the scratch toffee I had received for years as gifts. I researched and experimented in the Kitchen and came up with a winning receipe. 



You will need:

  • 1 pound butter - High Quality - I like Challenge Butter.
  • 2-1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 pound whole almonds
  • 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips - Always Ghirardelli.
  • 1 cup almonds, finely chopped


Begin by spreading foil inside a metal baking pan. Grease the heck out of it with some Pam Cooking Spray. On the stovetop, you will want to combine the butter and sugar and bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Once its boiling, keep cooking away for another five minutes stirring like crazy. 


Next, drop in the whole almonds. You'll know you're done cooking when the almonds split (about ten minutes). The mixture will be golden tan. You'll pour it into your foil lined pan. 


Next, you'll want to melt your chocolate in a double boiler. As soon as the "candy" part is hard, cover it with half of your melted chocolate and then dust that with the chopped almonds. Once that has firmed up, flip it and repeat the process on the other side. You will let things firm up over night and then break it into bite size pieces. 


Summertime is always a season of fun. I can't guarantee that we'll have good weather, but I can tell you that all of the events you just read about will be a blast. I hope to see you all there if not sooner! I'll say it again, you're the reason I'm running, and the reason I can run. Thank You.


 - Steve


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