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Cancer Survivorship
E-Learning Series

The Cancer Survivorship E-Learning Series is a free continuing education program that provides a forum to educate primary care providers (PCPs) who may have patients who are cancer survivors about how to better understand and care for survivors in the primary care setting. Continuing education credits (CEs) are available at no cost to participants for each 1-hour module.


Survivorship Care Plan Tool

The GW Cancer Institute will host a webinar on On Q Health's Care Planing SystemTM for survivorship care plans on April 15, 2015 at Noon ET. Register now!
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We are proud to be selected by @Genentech to address barriers to #cancer care. Read more:  #patientnavigation



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The number of people with cancer will increase by 37% between 2012 and 2025. Learn more




caSNP E-News

April 2015
Vol 3, Issue 4

The GW Cancer Institute's Center for the Advancement of Cancer Survivorship, Navigation and Policy (caSNP) E-News provides information on relevant articles, trends and updates in the fields of navigation and survivorship along with current and upcoming caSNP programs and initiatives.
News from GW Cancer Institute
Register Today for the Executive Training on Navigation and Survivorship

Offered at no charge, the Executive Training on Navigation and Survivorship is an innovative program that teaches the nuts and bolts of navigation and survivorship program development and implementation. Based on our popular in-person training, the program walks participants through brief interactive presentations, supplemental written content that summarizes the latest research and best practices, case studies and customizable activities to create a program plan. Continuing Education credits (CEs) are available for nurses and social workers. To register for the program, visit the Online Academy and use enrollment code ETrain (note, this is case sensitive). #caSNPeTraining #TAPeTraining

caSNP Webinar Archive

Assessing Need to Inform Patient-Centered Program Development 

This presentation explores the value added and components of a needs assessment for identifying barriers and challenges in developing patient-centered programs responsive to the needs of your patient's and institution's priorities. In addition, this webinar features a case study from the Brown Cancer Center exploring their experience conducting a need's assessment to inform service delivery. You can view this archived webinar and others in our caSNP archive.
In the News

Exploring the Relationship Between Fear of Cancer Recurrence and Sleep Quality in Cancer Survivors 


Fear of cancer recurrence and sleep disturbance are identified as top psychosocial concerns in cancer survivorship, but few studies have explored the association between the two factors. Published in Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, this article examines the relationship between the two factorsRead the article


Cultural Roles of Native Patient Navigators for American Indian Cancer Patients 


This article in Frontiers In Oncology clarifies the cultural roles Native Patient Navigators (NPNs) perform in providing cancer support. Learn more.


Treatment Summaries, Follow-Up Care Instructions, and Patient Navigation: Could They Be Combined to Improve Cancer Survivor's Receipt of Follow-Up Care? 


Cancer survivors require follow-up care to ensure early detection of recurrence, management of late and long term effects, as well other forms of preventative care. Published in Journal of Cancer Survivorship, this article assesses if combining survivorship care plans and patient navigation is a successful plan to improve survivor's receipt of necessary follow-up care. Read the article 


Appointment "No-Shows" Are An Independent Predictor of Subsequent Quality of Care and Resource Utilization Outcomes


Published in Journal of General Internal Medicine, this article investigates whether patients with a high propensity to "no-show" for appointments will have worse clinical and acute care utilization outcomes compared to patients with a lower propensity. Learn more

The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare Access 

This Issues Brief published by the Health Policy Research Consortium provides a snapshot of the effectiveness of the ACA in fulfilling its promise to increase the ranks of the insured for communities of color and for all Americans. Learn more



Resources for Health Care Professionals

Journey Forward and ERS Advance Survivor Care Planning Through Data Integration 


Journey Forward, a leader in survivorship care planning and Electronic Registry Services (ERS), a leading provider of cancer registry software, announced an implementation that enhances the use of patient data in after-care plans. The solution gives the ability to efficiently and accurately integrate most diagnosis and treatment summary data into patients' survivorship care plans. Find out more

Supportive Care Training Programs: Practical Approaches to Complex Problems


The Supportive Care Training Programs developed by the City of Hope aims to transform the health care system by maximizing expertise one professional at a time. The program allows attendance of a 2 or 3 day workshop based on adult learning models that include: expert faculty, small group interactive exercises, didactic lectures, networking opportunities and phone and web-based follow-up support. Find out more
E-Learning Series Offers Free CEs

Cancer Recovery and Rehabilitation 

This month, we highlight module 6 of our Cancer Survivorship E-Learning Series for Primary Care Providers. The E-Learning Series is open to all health professionals and CEs are available at no cost to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses. Visit our website. #caSNPeTraining

If you have any feedback regarding the caSNP E-News or other questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

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The GW Cancer Institute's
Center for the Advancement of Cancer Survivorship, Navigation and Policy

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