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January 2014
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Welcome to another insight by Jini. 

It is always my deepest desire to help you reawaken to your natural 'I am-ness'. Where dreams do come true and life becomes a joyous flow.
Enjoy the journey


This month has been a whirlwind of events already. From traveling for Advance and Professional training for PSYCH-K to meeting with a Qi Gong master to deepen my practice. I even had two crowns done the next day after I got home!


Even though I go to trainings, teach about awakening to your true self and know a lot of practices that I and others use to do this, I too fall back into the ego sometimes. Slip into fear and a reactionary place, forgetting about all the tools I share. I have my moments too. Emphasis on moments (or a few hours). Okay this time, for a whole day. That's my confession. But as soon as I become aware that I am living out of my mind and not being present to what really is or isn't happening around me - I seem to snap out of it, do my Qi Gong and my meditation and get back to center.


I AM the master of my mind. Sometimes I need to be reminded of that too.


So even if I feel embarrassed, I know this too shall pass. None of us are perfect or ever will be - after all, we are humans having an experience called life. The difference is how long do we stay out of Grace and find ourselves flailing around like a fish out of water?


How do you bring yourself back to center? What is your practice?


Do you take 100% responsibility for what has happened? Or do you immediately look around for someone or something to blame? It can be hard not to do sometimes. If you give your power away to someone outside yourself or some event for the cause of your misery, than you've lost the ability to do something different and are dis-empowered. You have given someone or something power over you.


Yet, if you take 100% responsibility for whatever happens, then you bring the power back to you and have empowered yourself to do something different - to have control over your life.  


Look at the events or situations, contemplate why you are experiencing this, forgive yourself if necessary, learn the lessons and move on. Do whatever practice you know to bring yourself back to your center. Sometimes it helps to have a friend or Coach help you see what is going on. It's not always easy to see what we might be doing to ourselves. And usually that's the case. We've caused the upset without any help from anyone else.


Well that's my confession...


Remember, your are the Source, you Decide!


Love and Light,




Coaching by Jini 2014  

Coaching by Jini
As I go through the steps to be a certified teacher for an organization, it was brought to my attention that the title of my workshop 'Journey Back to Self' implied we left. But the truth is, the 'Self' never went anywhere. So I decided to change the name of my workshop to 'Reawakening to Self'!

I am also creating an affiliate program where you can earn a free Coaching session with me, as well as earn some cash!  Watch my website for updates on this.
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In Love and Light



And remember: You are the Source, You Decide!