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April 2013
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Welcome to my first newsletter. It is my intent to inspire, motivate and cause you to think a little, and allow you to get to know me more personally as well. My teachings are a life-long journey of being born naturally who 'I am', being conditioned by life, and the journey back to who 'I am' ~ a joyful expression of life.  It is my hope that my teachings and sharing my journey will help you find your way back to your natural 'I am'. Where life becomes more of a joyful flow.
Enjoy the journey
Self Love
I think the first step to a joyful meaningful life is to have Self Love, Appreciate, Respect, and Trust.Self Love
With out these things, life is a struggle at best. Reacting to outside stimulus rather than choosing and creating from within.
The word that keeps coming up this month is Responsibility. I love the definition ~ an ability to respond. When we are 100% responsible for our lives and can respond to what's going on around us rather than an emotional knee-jerk reaction, life can and will begin to change. What is our state of mind when we encounter unpleasant circumstance. From the perspective of the Law of Attraction, what you put out there is what comes back. If you have a victim mentality, then maybe you're constantly experiencing circumstances where events and people cause you to feel like a victim. No one can make you feel like a victim without your permission. Think about that a moment. If you are experiencing a situation or a person in a way that you would rather not - how are you showing up?  Go within and really look. Ask yourself, am I acting fearful, un-empowered. An attitude of, things always go wrong for me, I'm a unlucky person. Look at what you are putting out into the world. The world can only respond to what you are putting out there. It's not the other way around. Change is always an inside job. When you change from the inside, the outside can't help but to show up differently.
About Jini
Now that my two sons are out on their own I've been able to travel a bit. Recently I've been to Paris, Bahamas, Cayman Island and Egypt. This month I'm headed to Hawaii to celebrate my birthday and visit my older son.
Having had the opportunity to get out of my own backyard has given me a more global view of life. It seems that people around the world are more alike than they are different. We all want to be happy, be able to provide for our families and to be left alone to do so. With the contrast we see in the world, I think it's really important that we focus on what we DO want rather than what's wrong. Aloha!