February, 2013 
NHPA is Expanding

We are excited to announce the opening of our newest office located in Three Gateway Center. Lori Gephart will be offering Dispute Resolution services in this location, in addition to Wexford, including Collaborative Divorce Coaching, Collaborative Coaching for other disputes and Co-Parenting Coaching. Our doors will open April1, 2013.


Our new Pittsburgh address is:


Three Gateway Center

401 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1325

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Please note that this office will not replace our Wexford, Coraopolis and Squirrel Hill offices. 


We have also added new clinicians to our staff: We are happy to welcome Jennifer Croyle, NCSP, LPC and Michelle Metz-Foley, LPC, NCC.


Collaborative Divorce

Are you considering divorce but concerned about the conflict and problems it may cause for you and your children? If you have already tried marital therapy to no avail -

Consider Collaborative Divorce. Call today for a FREE 30 minute consultation.


Collaborative Practice is a new way for you to resolve disputes respectfully while working with collaboratively trained professionals who support you in legal, financial, parenting and emotional issues.  


Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Divorce (also called "no-court divorce," "divorce with dignity," "peaceful divorce") offers you and your spouse or partner the support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyers without going to court. Additionally, Collaborative Divorce allows you the benefit of a neutral Collaborative Divorce Coach, and the option of child and financial specialists, who are all available to work together for your family.  


A Collaborative Divorce process allows you to work out all areas of your divorce, including financial settlement and parenting plans by

  •  negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement without having courts decide issues
  • maintaining open communication and information sharing
  • creating shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of all
  • avoidng the high conflict that can be detrimental to children.

For more information contact Loretta "Lori" Gephart, M.A., Licensed Psychologist and Collaborative Coach at lgephart@nhpa.com.


Thinking Outside the Box

NEW Services for Gifted Children and their Families      

  • Do you want to find out if your son or daughter is gifted?
  • Is your gifted child underachieving?
  • Does your child have social problems associated with high intelligence?
  • Do you need parenting advice for raising a gifted child or teenager?
  • Do you live in a location with few services for gifted children?

If you do, Dr. Sally G. Hoyle can develop creative solutions to the unique challenges of children with giftedness. Drawing from her training in both developmental and clinical child psychology, Dr. Hoyle assesses the social and emotional adjustment of the child or teenager in the context of their family and school. She uses many traditional, research-based interventions, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, in creative ways that reflect each child's talents and intellectual abilities.  Psychological testing for giftedness requires special skills which Dr. Hoyle has honed over 25 years of administrating I.Q. and other psychological tests. As an experienced clinician, Dr. Hoyle has a reputation for coming up with creative solutions to problems. She believes that "thinking outside the box" is essential to understanding and helping children with giftedness. For questions or gifted services contact Dr. Hoyle at shoyle@nhpa.com.

Co-Parenting Classes & Coaching

NHPA is pleased to offer co-parenting classes to help Pittsburgh parents who are in conflict to parent in a healthy and respectful way. Our classes run Wednesday evenings from 6:15 to 8:15 pm.  We also offer private Co-Parenting Coaching. 

Participants may be separated, in the process of a divorce or post-divorce and struggling with their co-parent. Participants may attend with or without their co-parents.  This is a video based psycho educational class led by a licensed clinician focusing on the enhancement of the child(ren)'s functioning within their family  . The program addresses the relationship between separate households created as a result of divorce or family separation. It is designed to improve the quality of the parental relationship. This  program consists of eight sessions lasting two hours each.


The Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program benefits divorcing or divorced parents by:

  • Assisting parents in shifting their role from former spouses to co-parents
  • Educating parents regarding the impact of parental conflict on their child's development
  • Helping parents identify their contribution to conflict while increasing impulse control
  • Teaching parents anger management, communication and conflict resolution skills, and children's issues in divorce

The Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program may benefit children by:

  • Reducing the child's symptoms of stress as parental conflict decreases 
  • Diminishing the child's sense of loyalty binds 
  • Creating a more relaxed home atmosphere allowing the child to adjust more effectively 
  • Teaching effective communication and conflict resolution skills as modeled by their parents 
  • Increasing the likelihood of keeping two active parents in the child's life 
  • Ensuring the child's safety through open parental communication
  • Enhancing the child's confidence and self-esteem by creating an optimal environment for growth
  • Diminishing the likelihood of future relationship difficulties and divorce in the child's future
  • Reducing the possibility of adolescent drug and alcohol problems, teenage pregnancy, school drop-out rates, and crime associated with children of divorce  

Call 724-759-7500 today to register and reserve your space for the next class. Each class is limited to 12 parents.

If you are interested in any of the above services or in scheduling for therapy please call the office at 724-759-7500 today.

Lori Gephart, M.A.
President / Licensed Psychologist / Collaborative Coach
North Hills Psychological Associates, Inc.
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