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a frost protection fan on grape creek
Frost Protection Fan - Grape Creek

TROUT magazine shines light on Grape Creek water conservation projects

The  Summer 2013 issue of TROUT magazine highlights several landowners in the Grape Creek watershed who have worked with CEMAR and its collaborators in the Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership to voluntarily implement water conservation projects on their private properties. The Coho Partnership has funding to work with landowners to increase water availability for fish and people in 5 target watersheds in the Russian River. Click here to learn more. 


Bay Nature features steelhead work

Bay Nature magazine's current issue features a piece on CEMAR's steelhead outmigrant trapping work with the San Mateo County RCD, the Napa County RCD and others. In the article, CEMAR's senior fisheries scientist Gordon Becker states, "This information is important for assessing the health of the steelhead population and it will give us a better understanding of how to protect critical habitat."


One Less Fish Barrier!

Palo Alto Online featured a recent article on the removal of the Bonde Weir, a barrier to fish passage on San Francisquito Creek.  Collaborators in the redesign of the weir include San Mateo County Resource Conservation District, CEMAR, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Restoration Center. Other key participants in the project include Acterra, the San Francisquito Joint Powers Authority, California Coastal Conservancy, and Environmental Protection Agency.


Mia Docto
Mia Docto

Welcome Mia!

Mia Docto, CEMAR's newest employee, recently received her Master's in Environmental Planning from the University of California at Berkeley. She has diverse field experience with geomorphic and hydrologic surveys, and the application of GIS in watershed modeling. Her recent research focused on fluvial driven alluvial fan management in Mediterranean climates. Mia will be a great addition to our conservation hydrology program staff!



New Grant to Support BAECCC

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has provided a new grant to the California Coastal Conservancy to support the  Bay Area Ecosystems Climate Change Consortium. CEMAR's Executive Director, Dr. Andrew Gunther, has been acting as the Executive Coordinator for BAECCC under contract to the Conservancy, and he has been asked to continue in this role during the period of the new grant. BAECCC brings together natural resource managers, scientists and others to collaboratively understand and reduce the negative impacts of climate change on Bay Area ecosystems and communities. BAECCC's activities under the new grant will include an assessment of policies that might need amendment to allow our region's ecosystems to adapt to climate change. 



For more information, visit CEMAR's website at or contact Linda Tandle at or 510-420-4565 ext. 107.