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December 2012

Dunham-Bush Americas Newsletter
Welcome back! The Dunham-Bush Americas team is extremely proud and fortunate to report our sales and personnel keep on growing and surpassing set goals. Our Service training held in Miami received positive feedback, and we feel it was a lucrative hands on approach to equipment knowledge and function.

  As always we strive to continue communicating through all of our various platforms, and will continue to establish direct communications to all who represent the DB team.   
We look forward to sending you these newsletters quarterly. 
Please feel free to email Elissa at if you feel you have valuable material to contribute. 
 Please take the time to forward this newsletter on to all of your customers, engineers, present and future business contacts.
Presidents Corner     

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Joyous Holiday Season and a Prosperous, Healthy New Year. I also want to thank each of you for your continued support that will be mutually beneficial in the years ahead. Please be assured that all of our resources are available to assist you in increasing market share for Dunham-Bush Products.
I am looking forward to seeing those of you that will be attending the AHR EXPO in January 2013.

Warm regards, 
David  Hogan

Dunham-Bush Brand Anthem
Dunham-Bush Brand Anthem



From our family to yours wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and warm holiday season.

Case Studies 

Please take a few minutes to read through our latest case study. 
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Service Tips

During the fall and early spring months, when the temperatures are cooler in the morning and air conditioning is needed getting a water cooled chiller to operate can be tricky.  DB chillers require a differential between suction and discharge pressure to operate safely,  if the cooling tower water is too cool the chiller can experience an SDD alarm. An SDD alarm is an unsafe Suction discharge differential pressure, at least 30 PSI is required to move oil and lubricate the bearings of the compressor. To alleviate this it is recommended to install a condenser water 3 way by-pass valve, the valve can easily be installed in the piping close to the chiller. The logic of our microprocessor can drive the valve to operate so the correct SDD is maintained and our chiller can operate in any conditions. This option can be selected via the SPEC selection program.   





David Hogan 

Noel Garcia 
VP Sales Latin America 
Justin Hogan
VP Sales North America
Eric Hogan
VP Finance & Logistics
Barry Mykoo
Sales Manager/Caribbean
Leonardo Ampie
Application Engineer
Katie Gilton
Application Engineer
Rolando Perez 
Application Engineer
Carl Barnard 
Part Sales Manager

Rene Taveras
Part Specialist
Nemury Valladares
 Service Manager
Nicole Hogan
Executive Assistant
Elissa Diener
Marketing Manager

Neisis Valcourt

Secretary Assistant

TF WCFX-E 3 Compressor Chiller

Tip of the Month


 Redundancy is the key to designing a chilled water system. When using a dual or 3 compressor chiller, the design engineer can take into account the block loading. For example, if the total load of a new building is 1,000TR, if we provide (2) compressors per chiller with (2) chillers of 500TR each, in the event should a compressor fail there will still be 75% of full load available. If our competition uses a single centrifugal compressor, and they use (2) 500TR chillers and in the event of a failure then only 50% of the full load is available. For them to achieve 75% they would have to use (2) 750TR chillers. When designing a system with consulting engineers please drive in the point that redundancy is the key and a multiple screw compressor chiller is required.

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