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Issue: 7February 2013
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Enrollment Update
Upcoming Fundraisers
CDC Update
Jr.Sr. High Update
TRCS = Smart Athletes
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Tuition Assistance Partners:  Can YOU Be One of a Hundred?




We hear it every day: it's a difficult economy, times are tough, and families are struggling to make ends meet.


At TRCS, we never want to turn families away from a Christian education because of funding, and it is because of generations of loyal supporters that we have made a substantial difference in the lives of more than 10,000  children.


This year, we need 100 people who can commit to giving $50 a month for the ten months of the school year so that we can meet our $60,000 commitment to providing assistance to families in need for the 2012-2013 school year.

Only 100 people giving $50 a month.


Can you join us?


A small sacrifice can bring large rewards. So far this year, more than thirty families are  receiving varied levels of tuition assistance.


So far we've raised over $54,000.  Be one of the hundred - make a lasting difference for a child's future.  Click here for more info, or donate online at www.3riversschool.net.


   Adopt-A-Student Sponsors


Please support these local businesses who are supporting our school and families:

Gold Sponsors:


Golf Van Fleet

Gold - Kelso Azt eca

flags and signs




Silver Sponsors:


Hilander Dental




Bronze Sponsors:


 Bronze Wheeler




mark 3


  smiles dental




taco time   




EScrip, BoxTops and Soup Labels -- OH MY!


With all of the action of a new school year, don't forget a few of the small fundraisers that continue to help at TRCS:


  • Box Tops for Education & Campbells Soup Labels... please clip and collect those little rectangular things.  We get hundreds of dollars from them each year!  They can be turned in at the school front desk.  A couple of times a year we do "box tops and soup label drives." 
  • eScrip:  You can register your Safeway cards at www.escrip.com and help TRCS earn extra funds!






Do you see that thermometer?  (Below, left...) We're ALMOST there!  We only have $5,000 more to raise to meet our goal for this school year.  You can donate online anytime by clicking here.


Our event, "An Evening with Bob Goff" at the Columbia Theatre was a major help, raising more than $8,000!  Thanks to Bob and eveyone who joined us that evening.  What a blessing!


Special gifts were give in memory of the following individuals:

  • Jean Bruner
  • Darlene G. Anderson 


bob Goff event
"THERE YOU ARE!!!"  A cheek-smashing tribute to Bob's quote from the movie "Hook."  Thanks again, Bob!


Don't forget these important dates:

  • February 18th - 22nd:  Preschool Plus 4's Conferences
  • March 1st:  School re-enrollment opens
  • March 21st:  School enrollment opens for new families
  • March 21st:  CDC/Elementary/Middle School "Festival of Learning", 6:30 p.m.
  • March 30th - April 7th:  Spring Break, No School
  • May 1st:  Financial Aid Application Deadline
  • May 10th:  Preschool 3's Family Celebration
  • May 13th-17th:  Preschool Plus 3's Conferences
  • May 16th:  Jog-a-thon!
  • May 27th: Memorial Day, CDC and School Closed
  • June 7th:  Preschool Plus 4's Graduation
  • June 10th:  Traditional Preschool 4's Graduation 

To view later dates, please check out the school calendar online






Please continue to check out our website for up-to-date info, and email us if you have questions or comments. 


Jean ZoetHealth and Safety



The health and safety of all TRCS children is a high priority. We are constantly reviewing and improving our procedures and tools to become more effective and to instill confidence in our parent community.


In February, 2013, two different committees met to review the plan as a whole and make recommendations for improving the plan, procedures and the tools available to all of TRCS. The following is what was reviewed and the recommendations of both committees are listed below.


Recent Updates

Since December of 2012 the following upgrades have been implemented at the Elementary/CDC of TRCS:

  1. Three Panic Buttons have been added to key office areas that go directly to the Longview Police Station
  2. Phone system "All Call" and "Zone Call" was updated to ensure that all areas can be contacted immediately in case of need.
  3. Two Defibrillator are on order and will be placed in the office area of the school and gym area


The following upgrades have been implemented at the High School campus in Kelso:

  1. New phone system for all classrooms, with "All Call" capabilities
  2. Lockdown procedures put in place
  3. Practices of new procedures
  4. One Defibrillator located in the gym area


Each month both campuses practice fire drills as per state regulations. The earthquake drills are also practiced once a semester. Name badges are in use in the CDC and High School and soon in the elementary area.



The Staff Group met on February 6 and the Parent Group met on February 7 for one hour each. Here are the recommendations going to the School Board from those two groups. Each recommendation will be seriously considered for implementations but are dependent on finances and management.


Staff Committee Recommendations:

  • Practice with staff Incident Command Procedures
  • Practice with students and staff Lockdown Procedures including reporting to the office so that all students are accounted for.
  • Inventory classroom emergency containers
  • Checklist system for the 2013-2014 school year re. emergency supplies from each student and containers
  • Put in place recycling containers and collection for whole school
  • Emergency "Go Bag" with all forms and lists and cards for each room including recess people
  • Security Badges for staff, visitors and volunteers


Parent recommendations:


  • Develop relationship with Longview Police Officer who will review our site and give recommendations for improvement of security
  • "Walk Around" Volunteer Security Team on site daily
  • Emergency Card for all families with password for emergency pick up situations
  • Security gate/fence with ability to "buzz in" families or push button opening for "C" building
  • Improve Transition procedure from school to After Care, clarify for enrichment where student is during the transition from one to the other (in place but needs better communication within staff)
Fundraising Opportunities!


Burger King Coupon Books

We have a new crop of Burger King Fundraiser books available in the school offices for only $5 -- and these don't expire until December of 2013, so make sure to pick up a few for those nights when you don't feel like cooking!  They contain more than $40 worth of coupons (including multiple free meals).  All proceeds from this go towards new playground equipment.


Elementary Student Council Store

The Elementary Student Council has picked some fun items to sell in their "student store."  From school logo pencils to "gripulls" (fancy pencil grips), they have a selection of items to help them fundraise for their special projects.  The first store session will be this Friday (2/22) at lunchtime, so please send you child with a couple of dollars that day so they can purchase something new and fun while supporting the council projects!

Debra ZandiChild Development Center Update
Building a Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning

Rejoicing... One of the most rewarding areas in my role as an Early Learning Educator/Executive Director is to observe the phenomenal learning experiences happening in the lives of children! They are natural learners, gathering together to explore, experiment and grow in their world! New Winter Enrichment offerings include: "Curriculum Integration," "Fitness in Motion...," "Thinking, Counting, Crocheting...," "Skill, Talents and Building." We have the blessing each day to rejoice in the gift of praying for, honoring and embracing the opportunity to celebrate children and the Lord that created them!


Pray Without Ceasing... We, as a center, continue to identify safety as a top priority. We use dramatic role playing to practice safety in our classrooms with children as well as our outside campus. We practice all drills as appropriate and are in the process of implementing the installation of cameras in the infant/toddler classrooms and the remaining preschool classrooms.


In Everything Give Thanks...It is with great appreciation that we give opportunity for children to worship, pray and give to others in our neighborhood and community. In that effort; we collected hats, gloves, books, blankets and hot chocolate to share with neighborhood ministries. Others are a little warmer this winter because of the love that came from the families of TRCS!


God gives us opportunity every day to learn from children. What a rewarding calling!  Rejoicing, Praying and Giving Thanks ...Celebrating a Joy-Filled Life in Christ!


TRCS Toddler Natural Play Space Project is Ongoing:

From outdoor chalkboards to blueberry bushes and grapevines, our children will have the opportunity to learn about the world around them through play. You can sponsor a hand-print tile or a paving stone with your child's hand/foot prints. Donor names will appear on a plaque in the garden. Your help can make wonderful play memories for our children.  Click here for more info.


iPads for Preschoolers:



We would like to enrich the experience of our youngest students by adding 3 iPad stations to replace the old computer stations in our Child Development Early Literacy Library. Designated learning stations would put the newest technology in the hands of our youngest learners and the cost of the learning stations is minimal. Thanks to grants and gifts, TRCS now has a wireless infrastructure across the campus and our preschool learners are eager to begin the exploration of learning through technology.  If you are able to give and would like to donate online, please click here and write "iPads for Preschoolers" in the memo section.

Safe Travels!


Recently, the county sheriff's office conducted observational inspections in our school parking lots.  The results?  Many families are not properly using booster/car seats.  This could mean a ticketed fine!  Please note the information below, or go to www.boosterseat.org to check if your family is in compliance.

Boost until 4-9 

Randy Lemiere

Randy Lemiere,

High School Principal

High School Update


One of the greatest blessings over the last 4 weeks has been our chapel services. Pastor Lance Caddel, from Valley Christian Church, presented a 4 week series on decision making. His theme was "Direction, Not Intention, Determines Destination." Pastor Caddel presented stories of his youth, passages from scripture, and powerful illustrations. His final scripture was taken from Proverbs 3:5-6. "Trust in the Lord, with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." The final presentation was an invitation to "Who will trust in God?" It was a powerful service where students made many commitments to our Lord. Thanks Pastor Caddel!

TRCS Athletic Update

A Message from Athletic Director, Tim Carns


tim carns 
TRCS basketball continues to grow and excel. The boys and girls teams are both playoff-bound. The first round of district was Saturday, February 9th at Aberdeen High School with both teams playing Lake Quinalt. "We won both games setting up an exciting second round match-up the following Saturday against the #1 rated boys team in the state and the #3 girls team in state, Sunnyside Christian. The second round games will be played at Montesano High School. The girls game is at 2 PM followed by the boys at 3:30.

Don't forget tennis and golf will be starting Monday, February 25th. If you are interested in playing please contact me at 751-5354. Mark your calenders, and come support TRCS athletics.
Do You Goodsearch?
This is EFFORTLESS Fundraising!


If you're not already doing it, take a minute to change your internet search window to default to www.goodsearch.com, and select Three Rivers Christian School as your charity of choice.  Did you know this simple act brings in hundreds of dollars to TRCS every year? 

"Let us not grow weary of doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."."

- Galatians 6:9