New PHI Security Feature for USB Devices  

We must ensure that if a USB mobile media device is lost or stolen, that any data stored on the device remains private.  

Click here for important information regarding the new encryption technology - BitLocker To Go which was recently implemented at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa.
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Provider CPOM and Clinical Information Technologies Meetings


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Medical Center 

3rd Tuesday of each month

12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Private Dining room

Contact Linda Catzoela, Clinical Informaticist for more details 210.705.6477


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - New Braunfels

2nd and 4th Mondays

Cafeteria Conference Room

12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Contact Ric Ramirez, Clinical Informaticist for more details 830.606.2177


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital  - Westover Hills

3rd Tuesday of each month

Conference Room E

7:00 to 8:00 a.m.

Contact Martha Delgado, Clinical Informaticist for more details


Physician Services Analysts  
Contact for MEDITECH access and password resets, access to ePrescribe, and mobile device setup.

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Medical Center

Kristina Barrera



CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Westover Hills

Kristin Ruvalcaba



CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - New Braunfels

Jacob Noriega


CPOM Tip of the Month #1: Electrolyte Protocol
When ordering the CPOM Electrolyte Replacement Protocol, it is not necessary to order the replacement items or lab tests. Select Electrolyte Protocol from the Medications category of the order set and click on the appropriate protocol.
Click here for more information.
CPOM Tip of the Month #2: Continue from Ambulatory
Dose instruction information entered on home medications is now viewable when utilizing the Continue From Ambulatory and Medication Reconciliation routines.  
Click here for more information.
November 2013

This newsletter contains current updates and information specific to Information Management, Clinical Information Technology, and Informatics issues which affect our providers, and will serve to keep our physician community updated on ongoing developments in our high-tech health information environment.
MEDITECH 5.66 Upgrade: New Features and Provider Training Information 


The go live date for the upgrade to MEDITECH 5.66 has been delayed from the beginning of Q1 (January) to the end of Q1 (March) 2014.  The CHRISTUS 5.66 Upgrade Steering Committee comprised of system and regional leaders decided to wait for the most robust package of improvements from MEDITECH, rather than proceed with a lesser package, so that providers would need to train and adapt to the new upgrade once rather than twice, with less workflow interruption.  


For upgrade enhancements click here.

These enhancements should make entry of orders faster and improve the workflow for providers.


Training of two to four hours duration will be available through Computer Based Training (CBT) and/or live classroom training sessions.  Watch for training details coming soon.  

Vocera System Utilized at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Facilities

The Vocera Communication Badge is a wearable hands-free, voice-controlled device that provides caregivers with the ultimate in easy-to-use and instantaneous communication.  Vocera communication badges have been distributed to many associates at each of the hospitals within the Santa Rosa region enabling Vocera badge users to not only have direct communication with  Vocera users at their particular hospital but any Vocera user at any of the hospitals within the Santa Rosa region. 


Associates are assigned into roles or groups.  This allows users to communicate with one another without needing to know the specific name of the associate needed.  For example, to call the nurse caring for a patient in Bed 502, use the Vocera to state "call the bed 502 nurse".  Vocera will connect the caller with the nurse assigned to the patient in bed 502.  Another example is, if  the Charge Nurse is needed, simply use Vocera to state "call the Charge Nurse" and the system will connect to whomever is logged in and is assigned to the Charge Nurse role/group.

MEDITECH Mobile Solution Now Available on

the iPad


Access to Patient Information Has Just Become Easier . . .

MEDITECH Mobile allows CHRISTUS Health clinicians to use their own device to view much of the same data as is stored in the electronic medical record, such as:
  • Patient Liststexting-girl-sm.jpg
  • Vital Signs
  • Lab Values
  • I/O & More

New Features:

  • Micro & Radiology Reports
  • More Patient Data at a Glance
  • View ER/Outpatient List
  • Add/Remove Patients from rounding list
Click here for more information.

For assistance please contact the Service Desk at 888-681-5123 or contact the Physician Services Analyst at one of the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa hospitals.

Normal Saline Order Search Change Made in MEDITECH 

Normal saline products have been re-sorted so that the various products are now grouped together.  NS orders include bolus wide open flow rates.  When ordering a bolus wide open rate, select the appropriate predefined line item - no additional editing to the order is needed. 


 Click here for more information.
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