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New Meditech Initiatives
Meditech has engaged a "Clicks Reduction Initiative" in response to expressed concerns by physicians that there are too many and unnecessary clicks in CPOM.  In addition, Informatics is driving custom programming for Meditech that will enable physicians to save not only their favorite order sets, but also the clinical elements or options within those favorite order sets.
Patient Face-Sheets
New!  Faster and easier way to print patient face-sheets. 
Alon and Creekside Patients
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Pharmacy Department Site now on CHRISTUS Connect

The Pharmacy SharePoint site has been migrated to the CHRISTUS Connect Intranet. To access the newly re-routed Pharmacy site from the CHRISTUS Connect Intranet Home page, click on 'Regions and Entities' and choose CHRISTUS Santa Rosa.  Then click on 'Depts' and choose CSRHC Pharmacy.  Here you will find the non-CPOM preprinted orders, clinical interventions, anticoagulation booklet and formulary.

CPOM Tip of the Month
Viewing Current Medication List and Last Dose Administered
April 2013

We would like to introduce our newest communique to our Medical Staff.  This newsletter contains current updates and information specific to Information Management, Clinical Information Technology, and Informatics issues which affect our providers, and will serve to keep our physician community updated on ongoing developments in our high-tech health information environment.
Dr. George Gellert

George Gellert, MD, MPH, MPA

Regional Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Message from the Regional CMIO 


The year ahead will involve multiple substantial improvements in the ease of use of our clinical information technology, including CPOM.


This fall a new version of Meditech, 5.66, will be released.  Many of the requests and needs identified by the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa physician community have been incorporated into the new features and capabilities of this new version.


Physician documentation will begin this year as well, and will eliminate the need for physicians to work in two environments, electronic for ordering and paper for documentation.  All physician documentation will occur electronically and will be seamless with CPOM use.


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is also piloting single sign badge "tap and go" technology to ease secure physician user sign in to all information needed for decision making, order management and other automated functions for patient care delivery. 


We look forward to our continuing partnership with physicians to drive improved patient safety while easing physician use of our systems.  The goal of this new communication, "Tech-Knowledge," is to keep our physician community updated on all of these promising developments, along with occasional tips to make work easier and more productive.

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Region Announces Health Informatics Director
Lilliana Saucedo
Lilliana Saucedo, RN, MSN recently became the Regional Director of Health Informatics for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System. Lilliana received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of the Incarnate Word in 2004 and her Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center in 2012.


She began working for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital in 2003 and has worked in  various roles prior to her Regional Director role (Unit clerk, Registered Nurse, OE/PCS data maintainer,  Nurse Informaticist, and Nurse Informatics Supervisor). In her current role she manages Nursing Informatics Analysts, Physician Informatics Analysts, LS Coordinator/analysts, PACS Administrators, and other ancillary system support associates within the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Region. 


Lilliana's leadership skills and strategic vision will help elevate our Health Informatics team to the next level, developing a world class Health Informatics department.  Please help us welcome our new colleague to the CHRISTUS Health Informatics Department. 

e-Prescribe Pilot Underway

ePrescribe (electronic prescription transmission) allows a provider to write and send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically, making workflow faster and the provider's life easier.  This replaces handwritten, faxed, and telephone prescriptions (only for non-controlled substances at this time). 
The integration between Meditech and DrFirst (our ePrescribe vendor) also provides a comprehensive medication management solution that enhances patient safety by providing access to a patient's medication claim history during medication reconciliation.  This information can be utilized by the nurse while obtaining a patient's medication history to obtain a more accurate medication list. 
DrFirst has also integrated beneficiary plan coverage data when entering prescriptions at Discharge.  This enhanced CPOM process empowers physicians to select treatments which are both clinically effective and cost effective for their patients upon discharge.  CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Westover Hills will pilot ePrescribe this spring, 2013. 
Notice of Non-CPOM Order Set Removal

Foundations for ChangeCHRISTUS Santa Rosa Informatics Department is removing pre-CPOM order sets which have a replacement or a variance with the new CPOM (Computerized Patient Order Management) sets.


Hospital and individual order sets are currently being removed. Additional sets will be removed each week until this process is complete.


A procedure is in place to ensure ongoing removal of remaining order sets as CPOM replacements are approved and activated.


Please note:  Order sets for services which have not yet been implemented in CPOM will NOT be removed. This includes pediatrics, women's services, and anesthesia.  Also, therapeutic areas not yet on CPOM will not be removed (e.g. chemotherapy, TPN).

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