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The LINKS program of the Church of the Nazarene is a network of personal connections between missionaries and Nazarenes around the world. Missionaries are assigned to districts and, then on the district level, connected to local churches. This gives each church an opportunity to become personally acquainted with the missionary family and their field of service. Typically, churches send cards, cash gifts, packages, and other remembrances to their LINKS missionaries. 
In return, the churches feel a sense of involvement with the global mission enterprise of the church through regular correspondence from the missionaries, updates from their field, and even through deputation services while the missionaries are on home assignment. The missionaries are encouraged, knowing people care and pray for them. The relationships built over time personalize names and faces that both the missionaries and their LINKS churches value highly. 
Contact your church's LINKS missionaries regularly (at least two or three times a year). Missionaries love to receive cards and notes; however, don't expect a reply to every correspondence. The missionaries are encouraged, knowing people care and pray for them. 

When sending money to the Global Treasury Services, it cannot be credited properly without the missionary's name. Each time you send a monetary gift, notify the recipient beforehand: 

1. The reason for the gift (cash LINKS, birthday, Christmas, love offering, etc.) 
2. When the gift will be sent 
3. The amount of the gift. 

Examples: Christmas--Obottes(Malawi); December 25, 2014; $50.00 
Birthday--Fetter(retired): May 23, 2015; $20.00
Anniversary--Jim & Kathy Radcliffe(PNG); June 12, 2015; $25.00
Anniversary--Jennifer Staudt Guaman(Ecuador): July 23, 2015; $25.00

(note each church is Assigned ALL FOUR missionary families listed shown!) 

Attention NMI Presidents, Pastors, and church offices:  Cash Links allocations for EACH missionary family were due at the NMI District Convention on July 12.  Please contact Becky Phillips, NCO district LINKS coordinator if your church has questions or still needs to submit.



Jim and Kathy Radcliffe 
Josiah and Lydia
Papua New Guinea
Asia Pacific


Wellington & Hellen Obotte
Africa Central
NCO District Fall Tour scheduled for October 28-Nov 1, 2014

Guaman-Staudt Family
Jennifer & Harrison
North Andean Field
South America


Jennifer is a Mission Corps volunteer and Harrison is an Eucadorian National.  When sending gifts, make sure the name, Jennifer Staudt  is included since this name is the one recognized by GTS.



Hello Video Message from Jennifer and Harrison.


Emma Lou Fetters
Republic of South Africa



Great videos to download and use about LINKS found at Nazarene Media Library
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